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What Is Ask Dr. Karen?

Ask Dr. Karen is a regular segment on FOX 25 Morning News Boston. Viewers from near and far have the opportunity to ask their relationship questions to Relationship Expert Dr. Karen Ruskin. Questions are reviewed by Dr. Karen, her favorites are submitted to the producer of this segment who makes the final decision for which questions are ultimately chosen to be answered LIVE on air. Dr. Karen provides cutting edge insights and concrete action item tips. In addition, Dr. Karen analyzes the latest research studies and hot topics in the media.

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Do YOU Have A Question For ‘Ask Dr. Karen’?

You have a question? Dr. Karen has the answer! This relationship expert provides real solutions for real life relationship problems. This Psychotherapist/Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist communicates in a direct style sharing no–nonsense strategies that you can implement immediately with results. Looking for cutting edge insights and concrete techniques? Look no further.

You may submit YOUR question any time to be considered for upcoming segments.

Ask Dr Karen segment on FOX 25 Morning News

What Type Of Questions Are Approved For Submission?

Marriage, Parenting, Family, Work, Friendships, Siblings, Extended Family, Dating, Mental Wellness — anything goes! Whether it is the relationship we have with our self, the relationship we have with our personal and/or professional growth, or the relationship we have with others — this doc views all life’s challenges from a relational perspective and is solution focused in her communication style. Please note: due to the large quantity of submissions, not all questions are guaranteed to be read nor submitted. In addition, if your question lacks brevity, it likely will not be read nor chosen for the show. Due to time constraints of the program – questions are typically 1 to 2 sentences in length.

This site nor does Dr. Karen evaluate the mental status of its submissions nor provide treatment in response to questions submitted for Ask Dr. Karen, nor provide direct response. This show segment is for educational entertainment and is not meant as treatment. Therefore, if your question is of an urgent matter, if you require a timely direct response, if you are in need of mental health care, if you are feeling suicidal, homicidal, or if there is domestic violence, violence, fear your life or another’s life is in jeopardy, child or elder abuse, please contact your local mental health professional, contact 911 or get transported safely to the nearest emergency room – respectively.

How To Submit Your Question:


UPDATE: ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ is no longer airing new segments on FOX 25 News Boston. Therefore, our sincere apologies, unfortunately the ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ segment on FOX25 is no longer accepting question submissions at this time. Although, Dr. Karen Ruskin continues to provide her expertise on FOX 25 News Boston for the special report pieces.

Dr. Karen’s expanded professional endeavors are as such that she often appears on national FOX News Channel’s various shows (e.g., The O’Reilly Factor, Cavuto, Hannity, Gretchen Carlson, John Stossel, and more) as well as additional national stations (e.g., Comedy Central, MTV, ABC, Lifetime, Discovery and more) touching the lives of the many with her expertise and passion. 

The ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ page on this website is currently under construction.

If you desire to contact Dr. Karen Ruskin directly to receive a one-on-one therapeutic consultation and therefore wish to schedule an appointment (whether in the office or on the telephone, whether for one appointment or more), please click on the ‘Client Contact Page‘.
Thank you.

The Mission Statement Of Dr. Karen

Provide education offering concrete doable tips and strategies to help people help themselves get to a better place is Dr. Karen’s mission. People want answers, need strategies that they can use in the now and see fast results, that is what Dr. Karen offers. With her solution driven frame of mind and quick skill of evaluating a situation, this genuine relationship expert provides to-the-point answers in response to questions asked – whether on air, in a consultation appointment, or as a speaker.