2010 Marriage Complaints Top 8

As a marriage expert, I shall share what I have observed as the top 8 marriage complaints of 2010.

1. Communication problems in the relationship (e.g., arguing, not feeling understood).

2. There has been an affair, and thus a breach of trust has taken place and the spouse feels betrayed and hurt.

3. Divorce. Trying to decide whether or not to get a divorce.

4. Most commonly males reporting not feeling appreciated/valued by one’s spouse.

5. Feeling that a problem has been identified as a problem and yet the problem continues.

6. The top sexual marriage complaint for males is that sex is not often enough in their marriage. The top sexual marriage complaint for females is that they feel they do not have a sex drive. Coming in for a close second to the top sexual marriage complaint for females is that their sexual relationship with their spouse is stale.

7.  Alcohol or drug abuse. As shared most commonly by the wife feeling one’s husband has an alcohol or drug abuse problem.

8. Women reporting that one’s husband falls under the category of controlling or emotionally abusive.

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