5 Tips For Keeping The Bedroom Spark Alive

5 Tips for keeping bedroom spark alive, why do so many people report there are things their spouse does that drives them nuts over time – these are just but 2 topics I addressed during my interview on WWL-AM/FM radio with host Tommy Tucker. An abundance and a wonderful mix of marital questions were asked by the host and listeners, of which I provided my usual to-the-point do-able solutions and concrete insights.

  • How can a spouse keep the bedroom spark alive?   
  1. Initiate– don’t always leave it to your spouse to initiate (important for each to initiate where one is not the only/always initiator)
  2. Visual– E.g., what you are wearing, not wearing, shaven or unshaven (visual matters)
  3. Smell– E.g., creams or no creams (your smell matters)
  4. Sounds– E.g., do you make noises or not, do you talk or not, are you loud or quiet, is there music in the background or no music (sounds matter)
  5. New moves– break out new moves as the same moves become monotonous over time

And certainly, as articulated by Tommy; “as long as it is a dance that you both want to do”. Indeed! As a marriage therapist and Psychotherapist I wish to share that for the mental wellness of self, partner, and the couple relationship whole, it is imperative that your sexual choices are comfortable and safe for both participants.

  • Why are there so many people who feel their spouse drives them nuts over time, and report they were happier earlier on in their marriage?

This is due to the Beaker Theory. On air I explain my beaker theory.

  • Listen to Dr. Karen’s interview on WWL- AM/FM:

If you wish to listen to this interview which aired LIVE on 10/9/13, to hear about my beaker theory, as well as the answers to all the many marriage topics covered during this fast paced fun and informative interview, provided is the link: Marriage Tips.

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