Ashley Madison – Cashing in On People’s Misery

Noel Biderman, founder of Ashley Madison was interviewed on Fox Business News today. Clearly he is cashing in on people’s misery! As a marriage therapist I am greatly concerned about this available option for cheating as a service! We must discuss PREVENTION methods NOT feed the misery of the couple and exacerbate marriage problems and infidelity!

If you are considering cheating as an option, re-consider. Cheating on your spouse makes things worse, NOT BETTER! Soon I shall release the methods of: a)  How to Enhance Your Marriage, b) Dr. Karen’s Marital Cheating Prevention Formula, c) The Cheater Meter – How to tell if your spouse is cheating, d) The Best Ways To Destroy Your Marriage, e) The Top Ways to Take Charge of Your Marriage for a Happy Marriage, f) Cheating Myths Debunked, g) The Reason Why People Cheat. These topics and more, all to be documented in a reader friendly style in my soon to be released Marriage Manual- looks like the end of Winter, thank you for your patience.


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  1. The only reason that Ashley Madison’s business is soaring is because they’re given coverage by a gullible and lazy media. A quick Google search reveals that ‘Ashley Madison Scam’ is a more popular search term than ‘Ashley Madison’. They use every sharp (and possibly illegal) practice in the book to extract cash from their stupid male members (1,000’s of fake female profiles, fake messages, automatic re-billing, lies about male/female ratios which in reality are worse than 10:1). No journalists ever ask Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman about this. Ashley Madison are little better than a Nigerian online money scam operation and yet are given credibility by mainstream media such as Fox News. Roll on the day when someone sues them for their fraudulent practices and the media stop fueling their success.

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