Bullock and Johansson Kiss

At the MTV Music awards Sunday evening, 2 top female heterosexual actresses kissed. One piece of my analysis of the Bullock-Johansson kiss is that it is a symbol of the breakdown of the male-female relationship of this generation. Unlike the Britney Spears -Madonna kiss, this kiss was not a publicity stunt, rather it was a psychological cry for therapeutic healing and closure in an effort to move forward for Sandra. Did you see the intent in her kiss? Specifically, I believe that Sandra felt she needed to kiss Scarlett as a part of her emotional recovery in an effort to move forward past her trauma of Jessie’s infidelity. It is my opinion that Scarlett was simply a tool, a trapped bystander as the helping agent towards Sandra’s recovery in her desire to feel “ok”. What message does this send to girls as they become women in their understanding of the male-female couple, and how might it impact the theme of marriage? What does this “coping method” say about marriage? Anybody want to venture their thoughts on this? Agree? Disagree?

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