9 Tips To Raising a Confident Girl

October 19, 2011

If you have a daughter then you are like many parents and want to know concrete tips to raising a confident girl. Dr. Karen Ruskin, parenting expert was interviewed by Alonna Friedman for an article in If you wish to read this article click here.

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Communication 101: The Art of Conversation

September 18, 2011

Let us take a look into the basics of communication, AKA Communication 101: The Art of Conversation, from the wisdom of the top relationship expert. Although there are similarities between men and women in conversation there are also several differences. Three specific differences include: 1) Women have a tendency to use many more words in […]

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Separation Anxiety Disorder and Babies – Circle of Moms

July 10, 2011

There are mothers that wonder if their infant that is crying for them and wants them 24/7 is experiencing “separation anxiety disorder”. Circle of Moms posted this topic on their website and of course this parenting expert that specializes in the relationship dynamic between family members, including parents and children shared her insights.

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Talk Therapy Versus Psychiatry

June 15, 2011

FOX 25 News Boston reporter Ted Daniel interviewed this psychotherapist, Dr. Karen Ruskin in her office as part of a special report on the industry of Talk Therapy and Psychiatry. Psychiatrist Dr. Carlat located in Newburyport interviewed for this report explained that patients who only receive drug therapy are being shortchanged. Dr. Carlat stated; “Emotional […]

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Marriage – Communication, Decisions, Challenges

April 13, 2011

 Marriage is a life long journey of which shall include challenges where the couple as a team together shall explore, confront, and triumph through. Well, that would be what I would hope for you. Yet, not all marriages experience this success. Perhaps the following shall offer my readers something to think about and thus help you […]

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Photographer Ken Berman – Thank You

April 3, 2011

I want to take a moment to write a blog of thanks to Ken Berman, not only a wonderful photographer in talent, it is his personality and efficiency that I sincerely appreciate as well. I am Dr. Karen Ruskin, the founder and owner of an upscale private mental health practice; Dr. Karen Ruskin & Associates, Inc. […]

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If I Were Your Daddy, This Is What You’d Learn; Author Julia Espey

December 1, 2010

Dr. Karen Ruskin praises in written word on the cover page with the likes of Jack Canfield (Cocreator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series), Stephen M. R. Covey (Author of New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller, The Speed of Trust), John Assaraf (Real Estate Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author) T. Harv […]

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Technique for Communicating

June 12, 2010

In Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual – soon to be released, —UPDATED: NOW AVAILABLE-– I offer techniques/strategies for marital success. Provided below is one example of a communication technique you can start using today. This technique is called The Blank-ity Blank Technique. It helps your spouse to understand how you feel and offers you a method to […]

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