Anger/Domestic Violence/Abuse

Domestic Violence & Jared Remy

August 20, 2013

Domestic violence and Jared Remy – is the topic discussed on FOX News Boston this morning where I shared my insights from the psychotherapy angle. During a LIVE on air Q&A with anchor Sara Underwood, I addressed topics including: Does childhood entitlement create adult criminal behavior? Is this a case of favoritism from the legal […]

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Carrie Underwood And Revenge Videos By Female Artists – Good Or Bad For Women?

January 25, 2013

Carrie Underwood released a video for her new single “Two Black Cadillacs”. Revenge videos by female artists such as this one is not the first nor will it be the last. The question is; are these types of violent videos good or bad for women? Yahoo Shine interviewed this Psychotherapist and Marriage and Family Therapist to […]

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Stand By Your Man – Bencze Pleads Guilty To Sexual Assault Of Minor

August 29, 2012

When a woman stands by her man, her husband, after he has been charged with sexually assaulting a minor – it is typically quite shocking to many, and yet this scenario is more common then many would think. Whether a wife views her husband’s actions as criminal or as an illness makes a significant difference […]

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Living A Double, Secret Life – Does The Wife Not Know?

August 12, 2012

There are those living a secret life among us, a double life. Perhaps this person appears to be a loving family man, altruistic, cares about and involved in charitable work, involved in the community – you know the type, and yet . . . this person is living another life, a dark life, a life […]

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Dottie Sandusky – Why Would She Stand By Her Man? Why Stay Loyal?

July 24, 2012

The topic of why a woman stands by her man and stays loyal is not a new topic of media interest. The most recent case of this, that is certainly one of the more extreme cases is of Dottie Sandusky. Why would she stand by her man? Why would she remain loyal in the face […]

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Salem Mother Protecting Children – Accused of Attempted Murder

March 20, 2012

According to a police report, a Salem mother stated that she was protecting her children, with regards to the allegation that she sliced their throats and set their apartment on fire. Let us look at this from the mind’s eye of a psychotherapist.

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Violence in Malls- Interview on Hannity

December 29, 2011

Psychotherapist Dr. Karen Ruskin on Hannity interviewed by Mark Steyn explains the recent violence in malls is not simply a case of holiday chaos. This cutting edge mental health expert shared 5 key theories of why violence takes place over a pair of sneakers.

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PENN State Scandal – A Mental Health View Point

November 14, 2011

The PENN State scandal sad to say is not the first, nor the last that we will hear of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse happens far too often. We here at Dr. Karen Ruskin & Associates are not alone counseling those struggling with the trauma of sexual abuse. There are many therapists who have clients who attend […]

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Jihad, The Criminal Mind – FOX News Boston w Dr. Karen Ruskin

September 30, 2011

Jihad, the criminal mind, religion, radical philosophy, terrorism – hot topics in the news. This morning on FOX 25 News Boston Elizabeth Hopkins interviews this go-to mental health expert Dr. Karen Ruskin. Check out my guest appearance and hear some interesting insights. Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

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Doug Meehan Interviews Dr. Karen Ruskin – Teens and Abuse

July 7, 2011

96.9 Boston Talks: The Doug Meehan Show called upon your very own Dr. Karen Ruskin today to discuss teens and relationship abuse. Live, on air, on July 7th I shared my clinical perspective and explained: a) why relationship violence occurs, b) 4 different types of abuse, c) early warning signs that your date or your […]

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