Infidelity- Ablow Is Wrong Says Relationship Expert

April 27, 2012

John Edwards, another case of infidelity! Dr. Ablow’s verbalization on America Live With Megyn Kelly today are wrong says this relationship expert. Ablow’s verbalization opens the door for acceptance of a marital philosophy of the inclusion of cheating which I vehemently believe is unhealthy for the mental wellness of America! His statements are of acceptance and approval of […]

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Open Relationships – Expert Advice

October 7, 2011

Open Relationships: Partners, Threesome, Swinging, Polyamory and/or Including Any Additional Partner In Your Sexual Marital Relationship No, the answer is NO – DO NOT, I repeat in capital letters: DO NOT have any additional partner/person in your marriage. Threesomes, swinging, polyamory, any inclusion of any one in addition to your spouse as a sexual partner […]

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Polyamory Loves New Frontier or Relationship Suicide?

January 11, 2011

Polyamory Loves New Frontier or Relationship Suicide? Those that believe in polyamory refer to it as the new frontier for love, which I find completely irritating as a marriage expert as I see how this is destructive to marriages. To send a message to a marriage that is in a weak condition, to the troubled marriage […]

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