Marriage Tips & Advice For A “Friendly” Divorce

January 5, 2015

WWL AM/FM radio called upon my expertise as a Marriage & Family Therapist to share marriage tips to help couples have a successful marriage that lasts through time. And, I was asked for my tips and advice to help couples who have chosen to get a divorce how to make it amicable and friendly, so […]

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Marriage, Divorce, Religion, Parenting – WWL-AM/FM With Marriage Therapist

October 11, 2014

Marriage as it relates to topics of: divorce, religion, and parenting is what I discussed on WWL-AM/FM Radio which aired LIVE on 10/7/14. I come on at the 1min20sec spot. During this brief interview, host of The Tommy Tucker Show, yes, Tommy – asked me the questions that were on his mind, and of course, […]

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Can You Forgive A Cheating Spouse?

September 8, 2014

WWL-AM/FM radio often calls upon my expertise as a Marriage and Family Therapist, when there’s a topic they wish to explore within this genre. Can you forgive a cheater was the topic of my interview on September 5th 2014. Listener’s submitted their questions, of which I answered LIVE on air, and fielded host Tommy Tucker’s […]

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Relationship Tips- WTAG Radio Paul Wescott Show W/ Dr Karen Ruskin

April 22, 2014

The Paul Wescott Show on WTAG AM/FM Radio called upon my relationship expertise to provide tips, during their newest segment entitled: ‘Improving Yourself’. As the 1st relationship expert to appear on their show, if you missed my LIVE interview, it is available for on demanding listening via iHeart Radio: ‘Improving Yourself – Relationship Tips With […]

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Marriage Tips on Boston Herald Radio ‘Trending Now’

February 15, 2014

During my LIVE interview on ‘Trending Now’ Boston Herald Radio with Adriana Cohen and Joe Battenfeld, I shared practical marriage tips, excerpts from my book: Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual, helped Joe through his Valentine’s Day upset, answered Hillary Chabot’s relationship questions, discussed my disagreement with Adriana’s proposal for a 10 year marriage contract, discussed my […]

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Valentine’s Day Tips – WWL-AM/FM Radio With Relationship Expert Dr. Karen

February 14, 2014

WWL-AM/FM Radio often calls upon me for my practical tips and cutting edge insight on relationships. Today being Valentine’s Day, The Tommy Tucker Show asked if I would weigh in on the topic and provide my relationship expertise. If you missed this LIVE interview, I invite you to listen On Demand where I share Valentine’s […]

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Are Date Nights Important In Marriage?

November 14, 2013

Are date nights important in marriage? Can date nights play a role in helping marital success? Find this topic of interest? Want to hear my insight from the lens of a Marriage and Family Therapist about marriage as a business partnership and the loss of passion? Want to understand why some couples shy away from […]

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5 Tips For Keeping The Bedroom Spark Alive

October 10, 2013

5 Tips for keeping bedroom spark alive, why do so many people report there are things their spouse does that drives them nuts over time – these are just but 2 topics I addressed during my interview on WWL-AM/FM radio with host Tommy Tucker. An abundance and a wonderful mix of marital questions were asked […]

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Do You Need A Marriage Document To Prove Your Commitment?

September 13, 2013

As a trusted source often sharing my insights on WWL-AM/FM Radio, they requested my services as a marriage therapist to provide my expertise this morning. Do you need a marriage document to prove your commitment? This is just but one of the topics I covered during this LIVE interview. Additional talking points included: Is there […]

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Why A Man Shows His Junk And Why A Woman Stays – It’s Not Just Weiner And Huma Who Have Problems

July 29, 2013

Why would a man show his “junk” (as is being referred to in the news the past few days) to the public (e.g., Anthony Weiner)? Why would a woman stand by her man after being hurt (e.g., Huma Abedin)? It is these two main questions this marriage therapist answered LIVE on air this morning on […]

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