Valentine’s Day Tips – WWL-AM/FM Radio With Relationship Expert Dr. Karen

February 14, 2014

WWL-AM/FM Radio often calls upon me for my practical tips and cutting edge insight on relationships. Today being Valentine’s Day, The Tommy Tucker Show asked if I would weigh in on the topic and provide my relationship expertise. If you missed this LIVE interview, I invite you to listen On Demand where I share Valentine’s […]

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Holiday Family Stress

November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, . . . name your holiday and if you state you experience holiday family stress, you are not alone. I provided my behavioral analysis, insights and tips LIVE on air on WWL-AM/FM Radio The Tommy Tucker Show. Although the dialogue was in reference to Thanksgiving, as the interview was the day before […]

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Are Date Nights Important In Marriage?

November 14, 2013

Are date nights important in marriage? Can date nights play a role in helping marital success? Find this topic of interest? Want to hear my insight from the lens of a Marriage and Family Therapist about marriage as a business partnership and the loss of passion? Want to understand why some couples shy away from […]

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5 Tips For Keeping The Bedroom Spark Alive

October 10, 2013

5 Tips for keeping bedroom spark alive, why do so many people report there are things their spouse does that drives them nuts over time – these are just but 2 topics I addressed during my interview on WWL-AM/FM radio with host Tommy Tucker. An abundance and a wonderful mix of marital questions were asked […]

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Do You Need A Marriage Document To Prove Your Commitment?

September 13, 2013

As a trusted source often sharing my insights on WWL-AM/FM Radio, they requested my services as a marriage therapist to provide my expertise this morning. Do you need a marriage document to prove your commitment? This is just but one of the topics I covered during this LIVE interview. Additional talking points included: Is there […]

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Why A Man Shows His Junk And Why A Woman Stays – It’s Not Just Weiner And Huma Who Have Problems

July 29, 2013

Why would a man show his “junk” (as is being referred to in the news the past few days) to the public (e.g., Anthony Weiner)? Why would a woman stand by her man after being hurt (e.g., Huma Abedin)? It is these two main questions this marriage therapist answered LIVE on air this morning on […]

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Huma Stays, Should Weiner Drop Out – Geraldo Rivera WABC Asks Dr Karen Ruskin

July 26, 2013

Geraldo Rivera Radio WABC sought out this marriage therapist; Dr. Karen Ruskin for my insight on The Weiner Sexting Scandal.  During my interview today on; 7/26/13 the question included my thoughts on Huma remaining with Anthony Weiner. I was also asked if Weiner should drop out. After years of watching Geraldo on air, it was […]

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Is Sexting Cheating? CBC The Current Radio With Relationship Expert Dr. Karen Ruskin

July 26, 2013

Is sexting Cheating? CBC The Current Radio called upon this relationship expert and marriage therapist Dr. Karen Ruskin to appear on their show this morning. The debate allowed for an open discussion sharing different perspectives on the topic of: Is sexting cheating. It is my strong opinion that sexting is cheating. 2 of my talking […]

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Working Moms Sole Bread Winners – Tips For Husbands And Wives From Top Marriage Therapist

May 12, 2013

34% of working moms are the sole bread winner in their home, according to a new poll published by It is this topic that WWL-AM/FM radio’s reliable Psychotherapist Guest Expert and Marriage and Family Therapist Dr. Karen Ruskin shared her insights LIVE on air. While on Tommy Tucker’s show this doc shared concrete practical […]

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Coping With The Marathon Bombing – Tips For Adults And Children

April 16, 2013

The Boston Marathon bombing has affected many; young and old, emotionally and physically. How to cope effectively when such a horrific tragedy has occurred is the topic on the minds of many. As a psychotherapist the most commonly asked questions that are sent my way includes; What are your tips to help adults cope with such a […]

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