Understanding The Response Of Janay Rice – Domestic Violence

September 10, 2014

FOX News Boston called upon my expertise to discuss the response of Janay Rice. I invite you to watch on demand this segment of: ‘Ask Dr. Karen’, if you missed my live interview, which aired on 9/10/14. On air when anchor Shannon Mulaire asked if Janay’s public response surprised me, I shared that her response […]

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Relationship Tips- WTAG Radio Paul Wescott Show W/ Dr Karen Ruskin

April 22, 2014

The Paul Wescott Show on WTAG AM/FM Radio called upon my relationship expertise to provide tips, during their newest segment entitled: ‘Improving Yourself’. As the 1st relationship expert to appear on their show, if you missed my LIVE interview, it is available for on demanding listening via iHeart Radio: ‘Improving Yourself – Relationship Tips With […]

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Tattoos And Relationships: Psychoanalysis Of FOX News Poll on WWL Radio

March 17, 2014

“FOX News Poll – Tattoos aren’t just for rebels anymore” an article printed in was the topic of discussion during my interview this morning on WWL AM/FM radio The Tommy Tucker Show.  I fielded Tommy’s relationship questions as it relates to tattoos including when to share with a potential mate you have a tattoo […]

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After Break Up Ex Posts Pictures – Scorned Lover Reveals Private Information

February 23, 2013

After a break up, it has become far too common for an ex lover, a scorned lover, to reveal and post private pictures and/or information via Face-book and/or other social media outlets about their ex. This month, McAffe released findings from the company’s 2013 Love, Relationships, and Technology survey that breakups can lead to privacy leaks online. The […]

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Manti Te’o And Online Relationships – Can You Really Fall In Love Without Meeting Someone?

January 18, 2013

Our mind is very powerful! We can create all kinds of realities in our mind and believe them. Can you really fall in love without meeting someone? Certainly you can, but as I explained LIVE on air on WWL-AM/FM this morning; it is not a long lasting healthy full love if you have the wall […]

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Family Holiday Stress – Tips For Handling Family Gatherings

November 22, 2012

If you experience stress when getting together with your family or your spouse’s family over the holidays, you are not alone. This does not mean you must suffer at a level ’10’ on a ‘0-10’ scale! Provided below are 6 tips for handling family gatherings from this family/relationship expert to you. Happy Holidays!

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Secrets In Relationships – Prevention And Warning Signs

October 4, 2012

Can you prevent being blindsided by a secret your spouse or significant other is hiding from you? Are there warning signs for secrets in relationships? Relationship expert Dr. Karen Ruskin’s interview on WWL AM/FM radio is now available for listening on demand and you are invited to check out her written talking points on this blog.

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Does Likeability Trump Economy In Presidential Election? Cavuto With Dr. Ruskin

August 24, 2012

Obama is likeable to the public according to ongoing commentary on the news and a recent poll. It is often stated that Romney in contrast is not. Does likeability trump economy in this presidential election? Are economic circumstances being overshadowed by likeability? It is this very topic that FOX News Channel’s FOX Business Network’s Neil […]

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Living A Double, Secret Life – Does The Wife Not Know?

August 12, 2012

There are those living a secret life among us, a double life. Perhaps this person appears to be a loving family man, altruistic, cares about and involved in charitable work, involved in the community – you know the type, and yet . . . this person is living another life, a dark life, a life […]

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Love Your Spouse or Partner And Still Had An Affair? Kristen Stewart

August 1, 2012

Can you love your spouse and still have an affair? The answer painfully is yes. Oddly enough you can love your spouse and still do something that hurts them, that causes such trauma. How is that possible one asks? The answer is because the “cheater” is not thinking about the person they care about, they […]

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