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Dr Karen offers solutions to your problemsOn each segment of ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ on FOX 25 News Boston, Dr. Karen provides cutting edge insights and concrete techniques and solutions in her answers to viewers’ questions. Below you will find blog entries for each of Dr. Karen’s appearances for the ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ segment along with a link for you to view each episode. Therefore, if you are unable to watch the segment LIVE, whether you are at work, in a different state, at your children’s school function, or for any reason at all, or you simply wish to re-watch a segment or share it with a friend, you know you can come back to this blog and view a segment of ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ on demand.

World Series Stress – Tips For The Red Sox Players And The Fans

October 23, 2013

Tonight begins The World Series. Here in Massachusetts where I am based, there is much talk about the Red Sox. This morning on FOX News Boston, anchor Elizabeth Hopkins interviewed me for my psychotherapeutic expertise. During this fun segment ( in true spirit I wore my Red Sox hat) I shared my tips for the […]

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Ask Dr. Karen – Homelessness, Marriage, Dating While Going Through Divorce

October 7, 2013

Today’s episode of Ask Dr. Karen on FOX News Boston included questions from our viewers on topics such as; homelessness, marriage, and dating while going through a divorce. If you missed this segment LIVE on air with anchor Sara Underwood and Psychotherapist/Relationship Expert Dr. Karen Ruskin, provided below is the full segment. Ask Dr. Karen […]

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Ask Dr. Karen – Porn Addiction, First Date, Rising Above Negativity

September 23, 2013

Ask Dr. Karen – this morning’s topics included; porn addiction, first date, and rising above negativity. Ask Dr. Karen is a regular monthly Monday morning segment on FOX News Boston where viewers submit their relationship, parenting, marriage, and mental health questions.  I answer them LIVE on air. This month we aired twice! Yes, by popular […]

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Ask Dr. Karen – Teens Alcohol/Drugs, Anger, School, Young Love

September 9, 2013

‘Ask Dr. Karen’ – anchor Sara Underwood reported is her “favorite morning segment” on FOX News Boston. During today’s episode I answered viewer’s questions on topics such as; teen partying using alcohol/drugs anger management issues school issues young love I invite you to check out my interview where Sara Underwood asked me the questions, and […]

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Ask Dr. Karen – Unhappy Wife, Child Won’t Obey, Father Creating Anxiety

August 12, 2013

ASK DR KAREN is FOX News Boston’s monthly Monday morning segment where I answer relationship questions LIVE on air submitted by YOU- the viewers. This morning’s episode anchor Lilly Hopkins asked me the questions. Topics included: a) A wife who is unhappy in her marriage as she feels like she is the only responsible one, […]

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Ask Dr. Karen – Boyfriend/Girlfriend Material, Gender Roles, Dating With Children

July 22, 2013

‘Ask Dr. Karen’ marked it’s 1 year Anniversary since it was first launched on FOX 25 News Boston in July 2012. Today’s Anniversary segment included the following topics; 1) What is boyfriend/girlfriend material? 2) Woman opening the door for a man? (gender roles) 3) Woman dating a man with children. During this segment I offered […]

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Baby Not Sleeping, Re-kindle Marriage, When Is I-Phone A Problem? Ask Dr. Karen

June 17, 2013

Baby not sleeping through the night? Need help for what steps to take to re-kindle a marriage of 17 years? Feel your spouse is on her I-Phone too much and it’s a problem? These were the questions asked by FOX 25 News Boston’s viewers for Marriage and Family Therapist Dr. Karen Ruskin during our regular […]

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Cheating, Loss Of Child, Conditional Love, Nice Guys – Ask Dr. Karen

May 13, 2013

Why do husband’s cheat and stay in their marriage, yet continue to cheat? How can a wife re-connect with her husband after the loss of a child? A man who with-holds love when his girlfriend is “bad” – is this acceptable? Why are women not interested in the nice guy? Marriage and Family Therapist Dr. […]

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Testosterone Linked To Cheating – Relationship Expert Explains

March 26, 2013

Is testosterone linked to cheating? Men biologically wired to not desire sex with their best friends’ wives: new study states. The study from the University of Missouri found that adult males’ testosterone levels dropped when they were interacting with the spouse of a close friend. This human behavior and relationship expert shared during an interview […]

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Ask Dr. Karen – Boyfriend/Previously Married Drama, Step Parenting, OCD

March 18, 2013

Ask Dr. Karen on FOX 25 News Boston aired its 9th segment of this popular Q & A program this morning; March 18th, 2013. Today’s topics: Boyfriend drama between a woman and her boyfriend who has children from a previous relationship, step parenting challenges, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder of a student, and a previously married woman wondering […]

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