College Age Dating – College Magazine

Receiving a call from a journalist that writes for College Magazine requesting my expertise in contribution for an article she was writing I must admit was quite fun. Why you ask? Certainly of course I thoroughly enjoy educating others with my relationship insights and knowledge, and that is rewarding and thus fun. The additional reason, I must admit, it was fun to think about college. Oh yes, college for me was over 20 years ago and yet I remember those days like it was yesterday. Most anyone that has attended college when you stop to think about those years in your life, how can one not smile eh? Unless of course something tragic has happened. Most commonly,  college is a time when life is filled with . . . finish the sentence how you wish, it is fun to think about college indeed.

So, clinically, why was my services being requested for educational purposes to the college crowd? The answer is; as a relationship expert, college age males and females value knowledge just as other ages do. Specifically dating is a topic college students think about during summer break. The article addressed college dating with the slant that dating over summer break from college can be healthy. This relationship expert and psychotherapist explained during the interview that it is human instinct to long for and want to connect to another person. Furthermore, it is my contention that building and strengthening one’s relational muscle is a healthy part of one’s emotional and physical development of self. Read the full article entitled; Catching a Summer Fling and More.


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