Dr. Karen Ruskin & Associates Announces All Inclusive Mental Health

Dr. Karen Ruskin & Associates proudly announces our new name: All Inclusive Mental Health.

As a business owner I made a very big decision, and that is to change the name of our group to more clearly reflect who we are and what we have become. “All Inclusive Mental Health” reflects the exciting expansion that has taken place over the past nine years and recognizes and highlights the diverse services our licensed and skilled therapists provide to our community. We are a counseling practice that is All Inclusive for the clientele we serve.
What’s in a name? We are all inclusive in the mental health care we provide.
•Our therapists can assist with a wide range of challenges and diagnosis. Our team is made up of therapists with many specialties and styles to meet the needs of our clients.
•We work with individuals, couples, families, kids, adults, elderly.
•Our diversity allows us to provide a variety therapeutic approaches to counseling.
•We communicate, collaborate, and coordinate with outside agencies and physicians.
•We accept most of the major insurance plans, and recently have expanded to accept
even more…
We invite you to learn more about us on our updated website: All Inclusive Mental Health.
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