Dr. Karen Ruskin’s Media Demo 2011

2011 is quickly approaching the end where we will welcome 2012. Check out a compilation of clips from my 2011 TV appearances entitled; ‘Dr. Karen Ruskin’s Media Demo 2011’. Clips include a wide range of topics, from my appearances on The O’Reilly Factor discussing hot topics such as; Occupy Wall Street from a mental health perspective to my debate with Dr. Ablow on whether the media is exploiting Charlie Sheen, to my appearance on FOX & Friends discussing my newest release: Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual and the section entitled: The Cheater Meter, to my fiery debate on America Live With Megyn Kelly discussing whether or not the government should remove obese children from their home, to my appearances of FOX 25 News Boston including topics such as: techniques for how to have a lasting marriage, post traumatic stress disorder and the Chilean Miners, manorexia, sexting, and Jihad/the psychology of terror. If you wish to view this timely and informative video that includes pieces from diverse and interesting interviews, visit my Media Kit page. If you wish to view any of the segments shown on this video individually in its entirety, I offer an expanded list of my TV appearances where you may click on any one interview and view it fully.

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