Economic Crisis Affects Families Mental Health

As a psychotherapist that specializes in the relationship dynamics between family members I am extremely concerned about the fact that unemployment is reported as rising and hiring is slowing. I, Dr. Karen Ruskin contend that this economic crisis is a Tornado that continues to crush families in its path and is a true trauma of epidemic proportion affecting and destroying families mental health.

Provided below includes a few brief points as I see it, for you my readers to chew on, of a topic of which there is much to say.

The economic crisis continues and it affects and is destroying families mental health!

Children’s mental health– anxiety, depression, behavioral problems- financial stress in the family unit, parental lay offs and unemployment plays a role in the mental well being of children.

Adult mental health– request for therapy for adult males and females married with children is abundant. Economic trauma within a family unit affects the sexual drive of men and women and can trigger sexual dysfunction, depressive symptoms, and anxiety.

Marital unit’s mental health– unemployment issues impacts the marital bond and chips at the couple-hood creating a war between the couple rather than a team-mate relationship. For far too many couples financial stress creates disconnection between the couple, resentment, anger, and disappointment. I believe the economic crisis is a contributing factor to the marriage minority report for the first time in U.S. history.

Family relationship mental health– the entire family dynamic is under duress due to the economic crisis which triggers a negative interactional dynamic displayed by in-fighting. Resentment between family members, role confusion, disrespectful interactions and abusive dynamics are all far too common these days.

The health and wellness of the human population has been significantly wounded and continues to be quite raw for far too many.


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