Just Say No – Teach Children Marijuana Abstinence

Various studies report the link between chronic marijuana use and mental illness (e.g., anxiety, depression, schizophrenia). Yet painfully, far too many are ignoring this and rather preach a use in moderation philosophy rather than a just say no lifestyle. As a mental health professional I help parents every day with the fight against what is becoming a cultural norm. Specifically, I help parents to hold the philosophy and teach their children marijuana abstinence rather than use in moderation, despite living in a culture where the use of marijuana is becoming more and more acceptable with legalization playing a significant role in the acceptance of what is unacceptable. 

I invite you to check out an exciting crime fiction book: a story of passion for what you believe in, love of family, life, death, addiction, pain, politics, power, money, good vs evil, and the courage to do the right thing in the face of overwhelming odds. This book is called: The Nightmare Merchant written by C.A. Griffith. I was asked by the writer to provide an ‘Afterword’ for his book to provide his readers with my perspective on the use of drugs, the war on drugs, and the legalization of drugs. Ask and yee shall receive. If you enjoy reading crime fiction and thus decide to read Griffith’s intriguing book, you will find my 17 page ‘Afterword’ where I provide readers with an in depth look at my genuine concern about the direction our culture is headed in our perspective on drugs. Quite timely given the ongoing support by too many regarding the legalization of marijuana, which I have observed places our youth in harms way. It’s my position as a Psychotherapist, a Marriage and Family Therapist, that further accessibility and tolerance leads to increased consumption and acceptance of what is not healthy for the youth of our America.

Marijuana has been proven to interfere with the receptors in the areas of the brain crucial to several areas of one’s cognitive functioning. The areas most affected: amygdala (emotional control), hippocampus (memory), cerebellum (movement). The more accepting we become of drugs the more it becomes part of our daily lives! Let’s teach our children to just say no, rather than a philosophy of use in moderation. Remember: parenting matters! If you wish to learn more about my perspective, check out my ‘Afterword’ in C.A. Griffith’s The Nightmare Merchant.

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