Lindsay Lohan’s Drug And Alcohol Problem

Lindsay Lohan was released from jail on bail late Friday evening September 24th. While listening to Dr. Keith Ablow voice his perspective on 96.9 Boston Talks that Lindsay Lohan is behaving in the manner she is for publicity and media attention, I found myself concerned for those that either themselves or their family members have a drug/alcohol problem. I completely disagree that it is for attention, this theory is a common reaction when a person has actions that make no sense to others. Often some professionals and other observers may suggest it is for attention.

My psychotherapeutic perspective is: Lindsay Lohan is not a media hog, rather a person with an emotional problem that is being publicized!

1. Like many that have an alcohol/drug problem, Lindsay has an emotional problem that runs deep.
a. It has everything to do with the relationship she has with herself and others.
b. Everyday there are people that destroy their life due to alcoholism and other forms of drug abuse, addiction, and use. Understand this; utilizing drugs and/or alcohol is indeed a problem and it is the “ism” part of the “alcoholism” (it is the “ism” in any drug addiction) that is also a destructive force in the behavioral choices a person makes. The “ism” IS the person’s behavior, which is why some people that are sober still have behaviors that remain problematic even while sober.

2. It appears that Lindsay does not posses the healthy coping skills that are needed to navigate through her personal challenges and thus rather then drawing upon healthy solution resolution methods/strategies she is utilizing an external coping method (I.e., escapism through the use of alcohol/drugs, it is a self-medicating method). The hope for her and any person that struggles with emotional stability and healthy life choices is that the skills will be discovered with hard work.

3. Clinical recommendation: in addition to drug/alcohol focused counseling, I would suggest individual and family therapy that focuses on “awareness theories and solution focused strategies” for Lindsay and anyone struggling with alcohol/drug problems, and emotional/behavioral struggles that is negatively impacting their functioning.

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