Markoff’s Suicide

Last year I provided commentary on FOX 25 News Boston when the Craig’s List murder took place. Now that a year has passed, Markoff committed suicide. Here are four of my many current thoughts that I put in a question-answer form:

1. Who killed Philip Markoff? Was it his “light” side or his “dark” side of self?

It is the merger of light and dark who killed Markoff which is his; “full self”.

2. Why did Markoff kill himself?

Markoff ‘s full self had to protect himself at all costs from confronting the man that he had become.

When both sides of self are separate a person can exist with two identities. The moment both sides meet, the seemingly healthy side does not want to confront the dark side and accept that he is a man of such darkness. The dark side could not handle that he no longer could protect his dark self with the mask of nice self (I.e., he was caught). Therefore, both sides had to join forces because death was the only way to protect both sides of self from becoming the full self which would mean confronting both sides. There was a moment where he was his full self, in his recognizing the man that he was and the man that he was not led him to kill himself as further confronting of self beyond that would be too painful and too overwhelming for him to handle.

3. Why did Markoff write his ex-fiance’s name in blood?

This action does not surprise me, this is in line with his “full self’s” need to self protect by saying that the blood of his destruction is on Meghan McAllister’s hands, now she is in his “pocket” forever. Rather than confronting himself he tries to focus his emotions onto her and hold her emotionally hostage with his actions.

4. Did Markoff know what he was doing?

He knew, his staged and planned death while bleeding he continued on with his task was very focused and deliberate to create a message that continued his need to not self reflect in order to protect himself from seeing the man that he is/was.

Note: If you are a man or woman that feels you are being held hostage by someone else’s actions, do seek out professional help.

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