Married Couples the Minority in America

Married Couples are considered the minority, according to the U.S. Census Bureau in a report disclosed this month. FOX 25 News Boston called upon this marriage therapist, your very own, Dr. Karen Ruskin, to share my insights on May 30th 2011.

It is this therapist’s contention that top factors for this decline include; a) people are living longer, b) people are getting married later due to economics as well as the desire to accomplish as an individual prior to having a family, and c) the attitude regarding marriage and the description of what it means to be a  “family” has shifted.

In further description of this shift, I shall share with you my readers that we have become an “I” culture rather than living under the life philosophy of a theme of “we” when it comes to marriage and family.  In addition, making the time and being motivated to put in the effort to work through marital conflicts through out the journey of marriage, rather than ending relationships is an all too prominent theme.  Economic stress due to ongoing layoffs and unemployment issues significantly impacts the marital bond and chips at the couple-hood. This type of financial duress impacts the emotions of couples, it is common place now for the couple to battle one another rather than coming together as a team.  Furthermore, the blurring of gender roles and both men and women working in and outside of the home includes among the significant factors that this marriage therapist asserts contributes to the reason why 48 % are married in America (a decline indeed).

The key is for couples to communicate with one another not at one another when there are problems addressing each other’s thoughts and feelings. Marriage has become a taken-for-granted-entity and thus deemed disposable. Let us each take the time everyday to appreciate what we have, appreciate your spouse and address the issues head on as a team, rather than interacting as though you are on different teams. Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual will be available to help you with your marital journey soon, due to be released Summer 2011!

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