Media Therapist VS. In Office Therapy – Value In Both?

As a media Psychotherapist guest expert and an in office therapist, I have the wonderful privilege and opportunity to do what I am passionate about. Helping people to help themselves get to a better place is my passion. I value offering cutting edge advice, insight, tips and strategies in an informative style. I often hear others tell me that I provide entertaining education, which I am humbled to hear, as I am simply just being me. I see so much value in both forms of helping the public.

Television,  radio, and in print are all forms of media – each are of value to touch the lives of others. There are many people as a therapist I may not have the opportunity to help, as they may choose not to step into my office. The media provides such a gift to me as a therapist so I can offer insight for interested viewers.

An interesting difference between television interviews where a therapist has the opportunity to offer advisement in comparison to in office advisement is: therapy in the office offers an exploration process. TV on the other hand offers quick sound bites. Both helpful in their own way. Sometimes just hearing concrete advice is the helpful nudge a person needs to take action in helping one’s self get to a better place. Other times, having a dialogue with a therapist in the office is the difference that makes the difference to help a person make those healthy life shifts they have been yearning to make. Which is why I so value having the wonderful opportunity to be an in office therapist as well as a media psychotherapist guest expert.

Although in the office a therapist such as myself offers concrete tips and strategies, just like when I am on television, do note that when on television the viewer may get one answer only to their question. Whereas in the office the therapist may offer more options to the client due to the time difference. This allows give and take dialogue for exploration where the client can ultimately make a decision that is the best fit for them. On television there may or may not be a thorough explanation. Which for some situations a thorough explanation is absolutely not needed  nor desired. Where as in other scenarios a thorough explanation is desired and preferred.

Also, do note that the therapist-client relationship is different then the TV therapist-viewer relationship. When I appear on television and offer my insight on a topic and/or tips, the viewers are not my client, of course. The therapist-client relationship is unique as is the therapist-viewer relationship. Unique and different in comparison to one another. Both of value and can each offer much. With that, if a person is suffering, struggling, feeling stuck and the fast TV advice answer is simply not enough, I suggest you speak with someone directly. Or if a person just simply wants or needs to explore, wants or needs someone to talk to, in office counseling offers the client the opportunity for talk therapy, a dialogue of give and take.

Bottom Line: Media Psychotherapist Guest Expert Vs. In Office Therapist – each are of value and are unique onto themselves.

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