Scott Broadwell – Do Men Stand By Their Woman?

Scott Broadwell is not the first man nor will he be the last to stand by his woman post infidelity. As the relationship currently stands, as far as we the public know, he is standing by his woman Paula Broadwell post her affair with David Petraeus. Check out Marriage Therapist Dr. Karen Ruskin’s insights on infidelity in her blog article and interview with WWL-AM/FM radio. Is it harder for a man to stay with a cheater than a woman? This question and more are answered.

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Secrets In Relationships – Prevention And Warning Signs

Can you prevent being blindsided by a secret your spouse or significant other is hiding from you? Are there warning signs for secrets in relationships? Relationship expert Dr. Karen Ruskin’s interview on WWL AM/FM radio is now available for listening on demand and you are invited to check out her written talking points on this blog.

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