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I, Dr. Karen Ruskin am the helping professional AKA relationship expert, who is appearing on MTV’s new reality show: ‘True Life: Save My Teen Marriage‘. The pilot airs Monday June 8th at 11:00 PM Eastern Time.

  • Want to know the premise of MTV’s ‘Save My Teen Marriage’?
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Premise of the MTV Reality Show: Save My Teen Marriage

Show’s Premise: Couple who married in their teens, and no longer are in their teens are considering whether to remain together. The show lay out and pre-designed intent is to have the couple take 30 days apart to decide whether to be together.

The show is designed to follow two separate couples: The couples do not know who the other couple is, as there is no involvement between the other couple, their lives do not merge – just to be clear/FYI. Each couple has their own professional to work with in the pilot episode (it is not the same professional working with each couple, one professional per couple). Therefore, during this pilot episode the viewer will have the opportunity to view the lives of two couples and their journey – like two TV shows in one jam packed episode start to finish.

The way in which I view the 30 days apart concept: The premise of the show and the lay out in which provides a 30 day time period where the couple is apart, the way in which I view this concept is that during this time period the couple has options to:

  1. Live life “as if” they are not together (if they want). Hm, of course that is not what I would advise if a couple knows they want to ultimately work on their relationship! But… as you recall as stated above, couples entering into appearing on this show are considering whether to remain together. (Through the years as I work with couples, I have found that there is a wide range of how far each person is in their process of questioning the relationship future. When it comes to marriage, there are times when one person is “emotionally divorced” from their mate and thus really just looking for an opportunity and permission to end the relationship while the other is still “all in”, or most of the way in. Whereas for other couples, both are “emotionally divorced”, but are not ready 100% to call it quits. For other couples, both members are on the fence about the future of the couple. And for other couples, both are fully invested in the couple unit, but just need help, because they are feeling stuck and hopeless as to what they can do to improve the problems thereby leading them to question the relationship future, etc… The list of positions each person within the couple unit is in varies). The bottom line when it comes to this show is: each person has a choice to make in the reality of their life, and thus, presented on: ‘Save My Teen Marriage’. When it comes to human emotion and choices, well, tune in and see what these particular couple participants decide.
  2. Work on their personal growth to be a better self and partner (if they want). In essence, the couple can view this 30 day time away from one another that is part of the show’s lay out, as a renewing time. They can view this time given to them as a gift, as a genuine opportunity to cleanse one’s self from old patterns, self reflect, self introspect, grow, and consider action steps they can take, and start taking them in the direction of being a better and healthier self and mate. This can be potentially therapeutic and informative on one’s journey of self growth to bring that personal growth to the couple.
  3. Receive relationship/personal coaching.

Who is the couple on True Life: Save My Teen Marriage – MTV pilot episode?

MTV Save My Teen MarriageThe couple that I participate in this pilot episode with, are in their early 2o’s. Their names are: Kyle and Amanda. They reside in NY. I sincerely enjoyed having the opportunity to work with this truly darling couple. (Fun sneak peek pic as you can see on your left, is on location where I spoke with each participant).

Behind the scenes scoop for: Save My Teen Marriage

Behind the scenes during separate meetings with each of them, I gave Kyle and Amanda a copy of my book: Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual. For they each seemed genuinely interested in having their own copy to read during their time apart as they presented as wanting to enhance their knowledge base and were open to learning new tools. My goal in Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual is to provide do-able tips, concrete techniques, and practical advice for couples of any age and stage of their relationship and/or marriage to grow.

I hope you found my article providing scoop re the upcoming pilot episode of MTV’s ‘Save My Teen Marriage’, informative. I invite you to tune in on Monday June 8th at 11pm ET, and to follow me on: 

Twitter: @DrKarenRuskin & Facebook: Dr. Karen Ruskin – Relationship Expert

Warmly, Dr. Karen Ruskin

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