New Year’s Resolutions FOX 25 News Interview

Dr. Karen Ruskin New Years PicOn December 31st 2010, Dr. Karen Ruskin was interviewed by Maria Stephanos
on Boston’s FOX 25 evening News, where the topic of New Year’s Resolutions was discussed.

Key points of the interview are as follows:

During the interview I reported 3 top 2010 resolutions for 2011:
1. To be more patient with and spend more time enjoying quality time with one’s children.
2. To be more compassionate and attentive to one’s spouse’s needs.
3. Making healthier lifestyle choices (e.g., decrease alcohol consumption, eating healthier, exercising).

One of the questions Maria Stephanos asked me was; “Do you think resolutions are healthy?” In summary, I explained that resolutions are healthy when we recognize that it is a ‘life style change’ and recognize that there will be “mess ups”. Maria Stephanos pointed out that people may get disappointed in themselves when they do not achieve their resolutions. I agree with her perspective and thus I offered steps to the viewers of FOX 25 News Boston in an effort to help people to help themselves to achieve their New Year’s resolutions, AKA: ‘life style change’.

5 steps towards achieving a life style change:
1. Awareness of what the change is that one wants.
2. Visualization of what the change will look like in reality, in one’s life.
3. Determine what one can do to implement the change.
4. Implementation of the change.
5. Be patient with yourself that on the days the change is not implemented, that is okay. (I further explained on this news segment that everyday is an opportunity to enjoy one’s imperfections and enjoy one’s accomplishments).

Happy New Year!
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