O’Reilly, Ruskin, and Miller- Photo After the Show

After the Show

The Bolder and Fresher Tour 2011 at Mohegan Sun was fantastic, and this is coming from a mental health experts point of view that requires high standards when viewing a performance!  And what a performance it was. Where to begin to discuss the entertaining duo of Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller? The art of performance these two men have is comparable to none in its uniqueness.

Here is how I see it; their humor was utilized in an intelligent manner to address serious topics in the news, with a marked focus on politics. It is this very concept that is intriguing in and of itself. It is the style this duo has of presenting both in words and body language that was brilliantly entertaining, funny, and insightful. O’Reilly and Miller’s performance offered the opportunity for the audience to think about hot topics in an analytical way different from one’s standard method of mental processing.  The performance appealed to the part of one’s brain we do not often use when it comes to serious topics.

Take a moment to imagine the following visual: Bill on stage using his body language and words imitating himself interviewing professional men who wish to become the president of the U.S. portraying them with a clever portrait of passion and true theatrics as though he was a professional stage actor! Whether Bill was sharing “inside information” on how he intentionally interrupts his guests when they come on his program explaining that is his style, or he was talking about his own experiences as an interviewee, or any other topic thereof, he enthusiastically communicated with high energy with his body, tone, and words. Now take a moment to imagine Dennis sharing his perspective on political topics as well as covering non-political subjects that appeals to the masses with diverse topics woven in where the audience could not predict what was coming next.

Review: Thumbs up for sure for; insight, humor, creativity, sarcasm, use of body, tone, words, and topics relevant to the public. Laughing out loud in an environment filled with people you do not know, now that is a sign of a great show indeed, and that was what took place throughout the evening.

Therapeutic assignment: do something within the next few weeks that makes you laugh, as  laughter we all know is of therapeutic value.


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  1. As a Huge fan of Bill O’Reilly and the, “O’Reilly Factor”, I was mildly entertained; however, I felt that the show did little to offer any off camera insight into the National and Worldly topics that we have been following. I was hoping for some interesting behind-the-news tidbits that Fox’s daily cable show would not be able to air.

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