Pre-School Bullying

Bullying is a topic we all hear a lot about in the news. Whether you are concerned that your child may be bullying other children, or if you are worried that your child may be bullied, you have a valid concern as bullying happens way too often. Bullying is a harassing behavior that is abusive that impacts how a child feels during the experience and can impact a child long term if not attended to. Bullying takes form verbally, physically, and/or with non-inclusive behaviors. Both the child that is bullying and the child that feels he or she is a victim to being bullied impacts one’s development emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Bullying can start and end at any age. Being bullied, and being a bully can be prevented through the use of; education, helping children to develop empathy, hearing their voice, being respectful to children, being involved in your child’s life and role modeling respect, teaching them how to have compassion for others, and advocate for themselves both with self help healthy strategies they can use as well as seek out help from others. Parents, grandparents, clinicians, mental health professionals, friends, and educators all can play a role in helping children.

Read a recent web chat about Pre-School bullying that I moderated.

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