Presidential Inauguration – Come Together, Move Forward

The democratic house members who are not attending the upcoming Presidential inauguration are throwing an adult version of a temper tantrum and displaying unsportsmanlike conduct at the least, and at worst they are demonstrating warring behaviors within our country exacerbating division and hatred while overtly displaying a lack of leadership. 

  • We teach children to say “good game” and shake the hand of the other team after their game
  • We teach children to show up for class even though they disagree with their teacher
  • We expect employees to show up for work even when they disagree with their colleagues or boss
  • We expect professional athletes to show up to their games even when they disagree with what their coach has said or done
  • We want there to be peace between countries

Should not the same philosophy hold true in the political context? Is it not part of one’s job (spoken or unspoken) to show up to the peaceful transition of the President of the U.S.A. as a representative of one’s constituency? There are so called leaders who cannot manage to pull up their big boy pants and big girl panties to be respectful of our own country (my tip to them is pull em’ up), of the upcoming administration, of those people who voted for Trump, and of the men and women who have served and serve our country. 

Dr. Karen Ruskin hand shake with President Elect Donald Trump at Trump-Boch Bash

As a Psychotherapist who provides counseling in private practice I have seen the stress of division has caused on the mental health and wellness of men, women and children in the home environment, in school, at work, and in social settings producing symptoms such as anxiety, depression and a lack of emotional management. It’s imperative for the mental health and wellness of all of us to come together and move forward emotionally and thus with actions.

My tip for all is to not allow the unhealthy decision some politicians are making as they remain stuck in their disappointment, to influence your decisions and thus mental health. Let us all come together and move forward.

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