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Secrets for a Happy Healthy Marriage

Information in this manual has saved thousands of marriages!

Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual offers couples the innermost thoughts of a top marriage therapist who has helped thousands of couples since 1993. The world needs ‘real’ advice for ‘real’ people at any and all marital stages. This manual provides cutting edge insights, concrete advice, strategies, separates myths from facts, describes real scenarios that people can relate to, do–able techniques that can be implemented immediately, intriguing information, tasks and assignments.

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  • “Dr. Karen is a well-respected and sought after mental health expert by the media for a very good reason. She offers concrete solutions, not just theories. This marriage manual is a wealth of knowledge!”

    — Julia Espey, Author
  • “A marriage manual written by our favorite relationship expert! Who better to educate us regular guys but none other than the one and only Dr. Karen – she is the real deal!”

    — Joe Ligotti & Lawrence Bergman, 96.9 Boston, The Joe & Huggy Show
  • “Dr. Karen is my go–to source whenever mental health issues hit the headlines. She always has great advice for my readers to help them digest the news of the day and gain a sense of perspective on their own lives.”

    — Deborah Kotz, Boston Globe
  • “As divorce continues to be part of our culture, Dr. Karen's insights are a godsend for all couples. It is the implementation of her wisdom that makes the difference whether a divorce lawyer's numbers are up or down.”

    — Gary Avratin, Divorce/Family Law, MA
  • “Looking for smart, accessible marriage advice? Look no further! Dr. Karen Ruskin is my go-to source and should be yours, too.”

    — Denise Schipani, Writer, Author, and Blogger
  • “Dr. Ruskin is a jewel of clarity and integrity. Through her no-nonsense and comforting guidance, she inspires attainable and transformative change.”

    — Betty Matz, MS, LMHC, Imago Relationship Therapist, Florida
  • “Dr. Karen approaches marriage therapy with incomparable energy, commitment and passion. Whether you're a disappointed newlywed treading lightly or a long-time spouse with ongoing war stories, Dr. Karen's proven, practical, doable solutions can help.”

    — Bonnie D. Graham, “Read My Lips” on blogtalkradio