Relish Parenthood – Best Mother’s Day Gift

I have spotlighted the statement: “Relish Parenthood” as it is my desire to create a relish parenthood movement, a philosophy, in the minds of the many, days before Mother’s Day and one month before Father’s Day. As parents, we often become so busy with the day to day that we do not make mental time nor physical quality time to relish in what we have. There are parents that are grieving the loss of a child never to return home either by death whether it be due to one’s young-adult child has never returned home from serving in the military, or whether one has lost one’s child as a youth due to medical illness, or whether one’s child has gone missing. There are so many women struggling everyday with infertility wishing they could have children, this is a loss of what is not to currently be and the hopes for what could be. The list of the range of parenting emotional pain is wide and varied.

My message to the many is that those that do have children; relish parenthood, treasure parenthood, enjoy the gift of parenthood right now and every single day.
Take a moment of silence out of your day to honor those women and men that have lost their child or are unable to conceive, and take a moment to relish in the joy that you have been given a true gift of being a parent. Be grateful, value, and appreciate parenthood. Treat your children like the gift that they are. Learn more about the Relish Parenthood concept.
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