Testosterone Linked To Cheating – Relationship Expert Explains

Is testosterone linked to cheating? Men biologically wired to not desire sex with their best friends’ wives: new study states. The study from the University of Missouri found that adult males’ testosterone levels dropped when they were interacting with the spouse of a close friend. This human behavior and relationship expert shared during an interview on FOX 25 News Boston that the inference that men behave well or badly due to biological wiring, specifically their testosterone, is concerning. This perpetuates the myth that men do not or cannot use their brains as their guide to decisions and actions taken and rather biology/hormones is in control if they do or do not cheat. Ludicrous this marriage and family therapist says!

Signals are sent from the brain to the pituitary gland which controls the production of testosterone in men. In other words, men who tell themselves; “My friend’s spouse is off limits” is what impacts the drop in testosterone levels. So, for those women out there who have had their husband cheat on them with the wife of a friend, know it is about choice.

Check out Dr. Karen’s humorous yet serious, factual and passionate interview where she and anchor Sorboni Banerjee have a chat about: Testosterone Linked To Cheating.

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