The Celebrity Nanny – Leading Men And Affairs

by Dr. Karen Ruskin on July 30, 2015

There seems to be a lot of interest in the topic of infidelity. Breaking that topic down even further, when it comes to having an affair with a person who is so close to the family of whom the affair is with (e.g., the children’s nanny, the assistant), well, when it happens in a person’s town, it is much talked about between people. Unfortunately for celebrities, rumors run rampant in Hollywood. Thus sometimes when the print media industry gets a whiff of a celebrity involved in any type of scandal, especially an affair, painfully for that celebrity and their family – they are in the news for a less then flattering topic, and unfortunately in some instances the allegations are in print whether the rumor is accurate or inaccurate. Often the topic in and of itself is spotlighted regardless of whether the allegation is true or not. Imagine living in that reality- very difficult and has it’s own set of challenges for celebrity couples and families. When rumors in Celebrity-ville strike and the topic is of an affair, marriage therapists such as myself are often contacted to weigh in. Of which I am hopeful offers couples insight into what can be learned about their own relationship. Magazine – The Daily Beast’s writer Emily Shire contacted me for my perspective as a Marriage and Family Therapist, on leading men in Hollywood with specific regards to having an affair with the children’s nanny. 

Please note: my commentary/interview in The Daily Beast entitled: The Curse of the Celebrity Nanny is not with regards to whether any particular leading man has or has not had an affair with his nanny, as I have not interviewed these celebrities. My interview and commentary is in response to this subject matter as an overall topic with regards to men and having an affair with their children’s nanny. As a marriage therapist sharing perspective on such a topic hopefully opens up dialogue with those reading such topics, as I am hopeful my insights help couples to be mindful of tending to their marriage.

In my experience, whether a celebrity, or an everyday guy, either way, the children’s nanny is not an uncommon woman of whom men have an affair with. Certainly it is not of epidemic proportions by any means, though certainly a reality for some. For when a person is in one’s life so closely, often a developed connection and emotional intimacy is developed, trust is developed. Which is why the children’s nanny, one’s assistant, the personal trainer, the close friend of the couple, etc.  – are each examples that are all too common of a breading ground for an extramarital affair.

If you desire to take ownership of steps that you can take today to water the plant of your marriage, to enhance your relationship, learn warning signs that your spouse may be cheating, specific tips to prevent infidelity, communication tools, daily action items to take so that your marriage does not simply survive, rather for your marriage to thrive and to be successful and truly stand the test of time – I invite you to take a sneak peek into my much talked about marriage book: Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual. Marriage is worth the effort, and there are concrete marriage tips that if implemented today can indeed be the difference that makes the difference in your marriage.

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