What Never To Say To Your Significant Other And Why

In an article entitled: 7 things you should never say to your significant other posted in Yahoo Health, I provided my insight during a recent interview, along with other professionals who specialize in relationship issues, including Dr. Wendy Walsh. Communication is a very important part of playing a role in the success or demise of a couple relationship. I invite you to check out this article, which shares common communication relationship errors and why they are so destructive the to the relationship whole.

If you are interested in more relationship tips, if you desire your committed partnership to be successful throughout time, if you are interested in learning important tools in the early stage of your marriage for a fabulous long term relationship, if you wish to help a marriage that has been together long term to improve- I invite you to check out my much talked about relationship book which includes; 40 marriage must do’s and 29 relationship destroyers. In addition, I provide concrete communication tips and answer important questions on intimacy, infidelity, and more… Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual – Tips For Marriage Happiness and Success.

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