Why Voters Like Donald Trump -Relationship Expert Analysis

Likeability and Electability – Is Trump “Likeable”?

real story both up closeAs a Psychotherapist who specializes in the relationship dynamics between people, I am often called upon by the media to share my perspective on air, to weigh in on timely topics in the news. My latest interview: ‘Is Likeability More Important Than The Issues’ on FOX News Channel’s ‘The Real Story’ aired on Wednesday 8/19/15 where I shared my perspective about the Presidential process.

My blog article entitled: ‘Trump For President? – Love Vs. Hate Of Donald Psychoanalysis‘, led to a discussion between myself and television host; Gretchen Carlson for a LIVE interview in the NYC studio.

I shared several of my key points answering the question: Why do voters like Donald Trump? 5 specific topics addressed during this interview included:

  1. Likeability and Electability
  2. Trump’s Communication Style
  3. Trump Is An Equal Opportunity Fighter
  4. Political Correctness Vs. No Filter
  5. Make America Great Again

real story face shotMy perspective asserted is through a psychotherapeutic relational lens, not a political lens specifically addressing why it is that those who like Trump, well . . . like Trump.

If you missed my interview that aired live, I invite you to watch it on demand: Is Likeability More Important Than The Issues?

If you have not already read my blog that sparked this interview, I invite you to read it: Love Vs. Hate Of Trump.

If you wish to learn more about the topic of: communication style, specifically what it means to be a passionate communicator, and how it matters in the various context of one’s personal, professional, and relational life, I invite you to check out my blog: What’s Your Communication Style? 

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