Dr. Karen

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Dr. Karen is a highly skilled renowned relationship and human behavior expert helping individuals, couples & families to get to a better place by providing profound insights, concrete tips and strategies tailored for them.

Dr. Karen is often a featured guest on national & local TV networks for her expertise in human behavior, relationships, families and mental health. She’s a straight shooter with cutting edge insight in her high energy and passionate style.

Dr. Karen is a sought after speaker and educator. She custom fits her lectures, workshops, seminars, keynotes and speeches to fit the needs of her clientele (e.g., Conferences, Universities, Corporations).

Dr. Karen tells-it-like-it-is in each of her books, offering real solutions for real life problems. Whether you want help with parenting, relationships or personal improvement, Dr. Karen has a book for you.

There is a key for the right solution for each problem, I help people to help themselves to find that key and get to a better place.

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