The Me Too movement is extremely significant. The importance of holding those accountable for sexual assault is imperative. The after-effects this movement has had on dating and relationships is profound as well. I am hearing from males and females their experience in dating in terms of how this movement has effected them.

During my bi-weekly segment on NECN with anchor Joy Lim Nakrin, this week’s discussion I provided viewers with the view of males and females in the effects Me Too has had on dating. Although this is not the experience of all males and all females, it is certainly enough of a theme posted by celebrities for the public to read, as well as the everyday public whom are coming in for relationship coaching expressing their challenges.

If you missed my interview live, as always, here is the link for viewing on demand: MeToo’s impact on dating: males vs. females.

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What is independence? How can you help yourself and your children be independent? These are the questions I answered and Claiming Your Independence is the topic I addressed this week, during my regular bi-weekly mental health segment on NECN with anchor Joy Lim Nakrin.

Dr Karen Ruskin & Joy Lim Nakrin on NECN

As we celebrate the national July 4th holiday of Independence Day, as a mental health professional I see this as an opportunity to help people to claim their independence on Independence Day. For viewing on demand, in the event you missed this live segment, here is the link: Claim Your Independence.

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Anchor Joy Lim Nakrin with Psychotherapist Dr. Karen Ruskin

Summer is a time of transition for many families. Which means adjustment. During my regular bi-weekly mental health segment on NECN with anchor Joy Lim Nakrin, we discussed this topic today. We explored that for some families this results in positive feelings, excitement and connection. For others the result is family tension, family conflict and feelings of nervousness. Whether children are transitioning to summer camp or to college or to returning home for the summer from college… whether adults are trying to adjust to their child spending time over the summer with their x-spouse, with grandparents, leaving for graduate school or their child is back home post college – parents and kids may desire a few tips to help them experience a happy, adjusted summer transition. I invite you to view my latest interview, if you missed it live-on-air this morning, it is now available for viewing on demand: Summer Transition For Families.

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For many, thoughts of the summer and the summer itself, brings smiling faces. For others, summer time is filled with anxiety, emotional discomfort and feelings of sadness. During my bi-weekly regular mental health segment on NECN with Joy Lim Nakrin, this week’s topic: Summer Mental Health I address 4 top reasons why there are those who struggle emotionally during the summer months. Additionally, I provide 4 tips to help make your summer be an emotionally healthy one. You are invited to view this segment, and all of my segments on demand, if you miss them live-on-air.

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Marriage Expert Dr. Karen Ruskin & NECN Anchor Joy Lim Nakrin

Marriage – empty nest, pre-marriage, newlyweds, long time marrieds – looking for a few practical tips? During my bi-weekly segment on NECN’s morning news with Joy Lim Nakrin, where I provide analysis and tips on timely topics, today I discussed: marriage, including my marriage book: Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual. If you wish to watch this interview on demand, here is the link: Marriage – what you need to know. If you wish to learn more about my much talked about marriage book discussed on air, check out this link: Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual.

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Keynote Dr. Karen Ruskin at Foxborough Regional Charter School

This weekend I had the pleasure of being the keynote speaker for the Foxborough Regional Charter School’s annual Family Engagement Conference – Parenting in the 21st Century. My keynote: Digital Media – the effects on the developing brain.

My intent for this keynote was to provide the most up to date research, as well as real life practical tips. Thus resulting in parents feeling both informed and empowered to make the best choices for their family in creating a healthy digital media plan (AKA screen time plan), for their children and family.

A few of the topics I addressed included:   [click to continue…]

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Boys are getting lost, in school and at home. They don’t have a voice. Boys becoming men is an important topic that is not being addressed, and we are seeing the problematic outcome of this. The tragic Santa Fe School Shooting, is one of far too many cases of a young male expressing inner turmoil with outward violence. Boys express deep emotional pain with outward anger resulting in violence.

FOX News At Night’s Shannon Bream with Dr. Karen Ruskin

This is but a few of my points during an interview on FOX News at Night with Shannon Bream. If you missed it on air live on 5/18/18, the link is available for you to view on demand: Sante Fe Shooting – Psychotherapist Commentary.


Psychotherapist Dr Karen Ruskin, Anchor Joy Lim Nakrin on NECN

Teenagers: to work this summer or not to work? That is the question, and my most recent on air discussion during my regular bi-weekly appearance on NECN with anchor Joy Lim Nakrin, where I share analysis and tips on timely topics through my lens as a Psychotherapist/Family Therapist.

My answer: oh yes! There is much value for a teenager to work over the summer, which absolutely includes mental health. If you missed this live interview, check out the why and the what for summer jobs by viewing it now: Teens and the value of working over the summer.

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On air today on Sharon Community TV (SCTV) I hosted a panel discussing the importance of voting yes to ban recreational marijuana shops. Each panelist provided through their lens of expertise, factual information to the public as to why voting yes to the ban is absolutely the decision urged.

Dr. Karen Ruskin , J.J. McGrath, Connie Dai, Jill Katz

We provided our viewers with the information that on Tuesday May 8th at 7pm at the Sharon High School gym 66% of those in attendance must vote yes to ban recreational marijuana shops here in our town of Sharon, otherwise, it is coming…. Therefore, every vote counts. If you are interested in viewing our 30 minute informative panel discussion program to learn more, it airs daily starting today leading up to voting day & beyond on local Sharon TV Channel 8 (check what times on SCTV website). Or, view now: Dr. Karen Ruskin & Panel: Vote Yes To Ban Recreational Marijuana Shops. Below in this blog you will find the following: panelists information, a summary of a few of the points explored on air, and links to various videos and articles to learn facts and details about Marijuana so that you can be ‘in the know’ with evidence based research and factual information rather than simply having emotional based bias that is far too often posted on social media. [click to continue…]

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So many people are on social media. Thus, many know what it is like to post their opinion about a debate-worthy topic to only get blasted personally rather than the focus being on the debate topic at hand.

NECN – Anchor Joy Lim Nakrin, Psychotherapist Dr. Karen Ruskin

Why is the communication style for some on social media attack oriented and aggressive? What are tips to be a healthy social media communicator? How to respond to the unhealthy communicators? If you are interested in the answer to these questions, check out my latest interview on NECN where anchor Joy Lim Nakrin and I discuss this very topic. Social Media: healthy debate vs hurtful communication

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