Tax Season Stress is quite common. To say that tax season and stress goes hand and hand would not be an outrageous statement for many.

This morning on NECN I explained the following:

  • Stress-anxiety-worry feedback loop/cycle
  • Top 3 reasons why tax season is stressful
  • #1 tool to manage tax season stress reaction

If you missed my interview live-on-air with anchor Joy Lim Nakrin, it is available to View On Demand: Tax Season Stress

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Dr. Karen Ruskin & NECN anchor Joy Lim Nakrin

Is the ‘winter blues’ real? Yes it is. It has everything to do with the 5 senses. Our senses effect how we feel emotionally and thus what we think and therefore how we act. Are there tips for people who get down in the dumps in the winter months? Oh yes indeed, it is all about controlling your controllables. Within the problem is a solution, of which during my interview on NECN this morning, live-on-air, I shared the details explaining the reason why winter blues is indeed quite real. Additionally I provided concrete tips to manage those blues and feel healthy emotionally.

If you missed my live interview, provided is a link for your viewing pleasure: Winter Blues


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Dr. Karen Ruskin & Associates proudly announces our new name: All Inclusive Mental Health. [click to continue…]

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Host Laura Ingraham of The Ingraham Angle. Guests: Dr. Karen Ruskin & Dr. Gina Loudon.

Is sexting for teenagers normal? Should sexting be taught as a part of sexual education in school? These are the latest questions posed to me during an interview on FOX News Channel’s The Ingraham Angle. This blog article further explores the topic, post the interview.

[click to continue…]

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Following the devastating Florida School Shooting, many wonder if there are warning signs indicating a person has the potential to be violent and/or if there is mental unwell lurking within. During my interview on NBC Boston I answered that very question. If you missed it live, here is the interview: Warning Signs



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The tragedy and pain of mass shootings cannot go unrecognized. We are all touched in a very deep way when such trauma occurs. The most recent shooting in a Florida school has left many children in other states experiencing true anxiety reaction symptoms. Parents are left wondering how to help their children to cope so that their anxiety does not cause them to not want to go to school and be unable to function out of fear. I provided on NECN 4 parenting tips as a way to communicate with one’s children to help decrease anxiety reaction. If you did not see my interview live, here is the link for viewing on demand: Talking with children about the Florida School Shooting


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NECN’s Joy Lim Nakrin with Dr Karen Ruskin

Are you feeling stressed knowing Valentine’s Day is coming? You are not alone. Single? In a new relationship? In a committed relationship? Married? Been together a short time or long time? Regardless of stage and phase of life, it is not uncommon for some to experience Valentine’s day stress experiencing anxiety and/or depression symptoms. Why is that you ask? And… what are some tips for the stressed feeling? The answers I provided on air during my interview on NECN with anchor Joy Lim Nakrin. If you missed this live interview today, and you are looking for practical insight and concrete tips, I invite you to check out my to-the-point interview: Valentine’s Day Anxiety and Depression Tips.


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On 1/17/18 HLN’s Crime and Justice with host Ashleigh Banfield called upon my expertise as a mental health professional, along with attorney Joey Jackson to discuss the tragedy of a teenage girl: Hannah Green. Specifically her death has been stated is a suicide, family and friends are struggling to believe.  [click to continue…]

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The tragedy in New Mexico has left many wondering about the different types of responses children may have to trauma, as well as how to help one’s children as the story unfolds. During my interview on NBC News Boston last night where I discussed the New Mexico school shooting, I addressed these two topics as summarized in my blog article below.  [click to continue…]

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Sexual abuse – for any parent a frightening notion to even consider could happen to their children. With well known actor Anthony Edwards sharing his personal trauma with the public, specifically alleging that he was molested by producer Gary Goddard when Anthony was a teenager, Dr. Oz provided a venue in which Anthony’s friends Bret Douglas Nighman and Mark Driscoll came out both in support of their friend, and to share their moving stories. I appeared briefly on this segment which will be airing tomorrow 12/7/17.

Dr. Karen Ruskin, Dr. Oz, Bret Nighman, Mark Driscoll

Having the opportunity to speak with Dr. Oz, and these brave men pre and post the segment behind the scenes, it was significant to me that I was asked various questions directed to me by Dr. Oz and the producer. As a mental health professional, I am mindful that this is a very important topic, and important that as a people we are talking about it! It was meaningful to me that I had the opportunity to get to know Bret and Mark, hear their stories of pain and triumph and discuss various topics with them. Therefore, following filming, I decided to take some time today to put together in a Q&A format 5 top questions answered – that the public may wish to know about sexual abuse and pedophilia, based upon the topics explored behind the scenes between myself, Dr. Oz, the producer, and Bret and Mark. I hope you find this information helpful. The 5 topics in today’s blog article includes: 1) grooming the child victim, 2) how child molesters are able to get away with it for so long, 3) pedophilia profile, 4) why some victims maintain a relationship with their abuser, 5) what parents need to know to protect their children from child molesters.  [click to continue…]