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Dr. Karen — Relationship & Human Behavior Expert

Past clients and current clients often refer to Dr. Karen as: The Marriage Saver, Parenting Strategist, and Human Behavior Expert. Dr. Karen is ‘The Voice Of Reason’ with her cutting edge analysis and insight on any and all topics providing real solutions and practical tips for real life challenges. Dr. Karen is a sought after educator locally, nationally, and internationally for all topics related to relationships (marriage, dating, family relationship dynamic issues, parent-child relationship issues,.. ), and overall personal, relational, familial, and professional growth and mental health and wellness. Dr. Karen’s greatest passion and goal is to help people to help themselves live a life of happiness, fulfillment and mental health and wellness.

In Office and Remote Counseling Approach

Dr. Karen is direct. She tells you like it is with compassion, passion, professionalism, and humor. She is solution-focused and offers concrete do-able strategies for problem resolution that can begin today with observable results as reported time and time again. Dr. Karen is known as a straight shooter. Providing counseling from her base in Arizona, Dr. Karen helps clientele from all over the United States.


Dr. Karen specializes in relationships (marriage, dating, the family dynamic), challenges particular to men, and women, and human behavior (no presenting problem that brings you into counseling or coaching is too big or too small for this mental health professional).

Dr. Karen provides counseling, coaching and/or consultation for individuals (adults, children), couples, and families tailor making the therapeutic experience for each client she serves. There is no cookie-cutter approach with this caring mental and behavioral health and wellness professional.

Additionally, Dr. Karen specializes in working with clientele who require discretion at the highest level as well as challenges particular to clientele in the public eye. She is known for her expertise in counseling, consulting and coaching professional athletes, coaches at the highest level, musicians, and politicians. Whether she is working with lawyers, business professionals or educators, architects, real estate professionals, those in the medical profession, business owners, stay at home moms/dad, or college students, there is no background that is off limits for this doc.


Dr. Karen, PsyD., LMFT. This mental health professional holds her Doctorate in Psychology, Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy, and Bachelor’s in Psychology. Provides counseling services as a Psychotherapist, specifically she is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Counseling couples, individuals (adults, children), and families since 1993. Clinical Fellow: American Association For Marriage & Family Therapy.


Dr. Karen is known nationally and internationally as a cutting edge tell-it-like-it-is high energy passionate and compassionate on air mental health guest expert. Appears on various television news networks, talk shows, documentaries, and reality TV. Is also interviewed on the radio and print media. Blogger. This wellness educator states that “the media offers a forum in which the lives of so many can be touched.”


Dr. Karen is a sought after speaker and educator. She custom fits her lectures, workshops, seminars, keynotes and speeches to fit the needs of her clientele.


Dr. Karen is the author of 3 books (mental health, marriage, parenting).

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