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Dr. Karen has appeared as a guest expert on various national television networks providing cutting edge perspective on timely topics in the news. View a sampling of appearances below.

Dr. Karen has been a local celebrity in the New England Area known for her regular Mental Health Segment on NECN and ‘Ask Dr. Karen‘ on FOX News Boston. She has since relocated to Arizona.

Dr. Karen provides practical tips for today’s life challenges, providing real solutions for real life problems.

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Owning Your Mental Health
Top Mental Health Strategies
Good Morning Arizona
May 6, 2024
3TV & CBS 5

Dr Karen discusses the importance of owning your mental health and wellness educating the public with top mental health tips and strategies that can be implemented immediately and just takes five minutes a day.

Importance of Setting Boundaries
Boundary Setting in all Relationships
Good Morning Arizona
March 25, 2024
3TV & CBS 5

Dr Karen discusses boundaries; setting standards for your life and the people in it. Dr Karen also discusses the number one reason why setting and keeping boundaries are so hard.

Relationship Tips For Success
Relationship Tips for Success
Good Morning Arizona
February 14, 2024
3TV & CBS 5

Relationship tips and concrete advice, all year-round not just on Valentine’s Day.

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