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Dr. Karen has appeared as a guest expert on various national television networks providing cutting edge perspective on timely topics in the news. View a sampling of appearances below.

Dr. Karen has been a local celebrity in the New England Area known for her regular Mental Health Segment on NECN and ‘Ask Dr. Karen‘ on FOX News Boston. She has since relocated to Arizona.

Dr. Karen provides practical tips for today’s life challenges, providing real solutions for real life problems.

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Loneliness During The Holidays
Loneliness During The Holidays
Good Morning Arizona
December 20, 2023
3TV & CBS 5

Holiday blues during the holiday season is not uncommon, nor is the feeling of loneliness. Dr Karen explains the depth of why and offers Tips for mental wellness during the holiday season and all year around.

Dr. Karen on Good Morning Arizona discussing raising boys to become men in the context of sports
Raising Boys to Become Men in the Context of Sports
Good Morning Arizona
November 6, 2023
3TV & CBS 5

Dr Karen discusses raising boys to become men in the context of sports and how coaches play an important role in their mental health and development.

Importance of Female Friendship
Importance of Friendship
Good Morning Arizona
August 1, 2023
Arizona 3TV

Dr. Karen discuss the importance of friendship at all stages of life. Friendship holds the power to heal, nurture, support and encourage. While also addressing how to utilize social media to make new friends in adulthood.

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