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How To Stop Bullying – Parenting Expert Explains Different Kinds Of Bullying – Tips For Children

Top 7 Bullying Questions Answered! This parenting expert who is a family therapist and Psychotherapist sees time and time again the pain that bullying inflicts upon not just the bullied, but the bullied family as well. Each person will at some point either experience being a bully, be bullied, or be a bystander. Be an up-stander not a by-stander. Parenting matters! Learn about the old bullying styles and the new breed of bullies, tips for parents and kids, warning signs, prevention methods, and resources in this blog article.

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Pre-Marriage Tips And Advice

During my LIVE interview on FOX News Boston, this relationship expert shared practical pre-marriage tips and advice. Check out this fun segment with ‘Wedding To Remember’ couple Mac Luciani and

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Steal Another Woman’s Man? You Are A Mate Poacher

If you are a woman who tends to fall in love with men who are already in a committed relationship, you are likely to be what is termed; A Mate Poacher. Stealing another woman’s boyfriend, finance, or husband says only negative things about you. This pattern can be helped. Learn why some women mate poach and how they can make a healthy shift.

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Ask Dr. Karen – Sexual Past, Infidelity, Teenagers, Marital Trust

The 4th segment of Ask Dr. Karen on FOX 25 News Boston aired today on October 22nd, 2012. Don’t miss interviewer Sorboni Banerjee’s concern for the viewer who found her fiance’s CD of a sexual liaison he had with a previous girlfriend. Additional topics this relationship expert and psychotherapist Dr. Karen Ruskin provided practical tips and concrete answers for included: infidelity, couple communication, marital trust, company investment, and teenagers and ultimatums.

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