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Sleeping in Separate Beds

TODAY Show, Monday July 26th “Today’s Relationships” discussed the NY Times article; “Married, but Sleeping Alone”. I am in opposition to the stance the two “relationship experts” held. Section 2

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Technique for Communicating

In Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual – soon to be released, —UPDATED: NOW AVAILABLE-– I offer techniques/strategies for marital success. Provided below is one example of a communication technique you can start

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Bullock and Johansson Kiss

At the MTV Music awards Sunday evening, 2 top female heterosexual actresses kissed. One piece of my analysis of the Bullock-Johansson kiss is that it is a symbol of the

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Woman suing for her affair

Check out this story- Talk about not taking ownership of her behavior- Ridiculous- What is your opinion? A woman suing a wireless company for exposing her affair joins others who’ve

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