Therapy for Therapists

Path to Therapy for Therapists

Therapy for therapists: is there even such a thing? There needs to be. When searching online for a therapist, there’s a variety of articles explaining what to look for in a therapist on your search, in an effort to help you to pick the “right one”. There’s an abundance of links to various websites asserting that they have therapists that are just right for you. But, what happens when you’re a therapist and you are in search of a therapist for you specifically? What happens when you are a therapist in search of therapy? The information is painfully lacking! To be a therapist for other therapists, is a unique breed. Not a common niche. To find a therapist that truly specializes in this unique group of clientele is an anomaly, and yet a necessity. THIS is a specialty of mine. It is a true privilege to work with my therapist clientele! It is an honor to be, a therapist for therapists. How this came about is a story in and of itself for another day. For today, I focus on you, the healing professional who deserves to have a safe space to heal too, to be heard too. A safe space to be vulnerable and process your own thoughts and feelings with another human life form that can help you to help yourself, just as you have helped so many others. I am here for you.

We are of the helping profession after all. Whether you see one client in a day or three or six, we all know as a therapist that helping other people with their mental wellness is like no other profession. Many therapists report seeing clients in terms of actual contact hours is not a daily full time gig, for as rewarding as the profession is, it also takes a lot to give of oneself in the unique way in which a mental health professional does. Additionally, the added responsibility of calling back clientele, paperwork and tending to the billing end of the profession all takes up time throughout the day as well as processing the session following the session. For the therapist is not simply just a therapist in the moment of the session. The intensity and knowledge to be a truly great therapist is profound. So again, I ask you: if you’re a therapist and you need therapy, who can you turn to and trust with your thoughts and feelings? Who might know more than you? Or, if not more, rather, see things through a different lens then you? Who can help you to help yourself? Who can be objective? Who can be your listener? Who can be your agent of change? Who can be there for you to help you through whatever you may be experiencing? Who can be your witness, your confidant, your educator, your coach and know your thoughts and feelings are truly safe and confidential? Who can meet with you in person or virtually, individually and/or with your mate and/or with your family? Who can truly understand all the nuances of your needs?

As a skilled therapist you may have the answers for others but sometimes, since we therapists are indeed human, we have our own particular pain, grief, loss, sadness, hurt, worries, anxiety, medical issues, relationship problems, family challenges, financial problems, professional concerns, physical ailments, the list goes on…. As therapists are human too. Perhaps the therapist simply feels stuck and needs someone to help them to get unstuck, which is a common report from my therapist clientele that leads them to meet with me. In an industry where we as therapists hear the voice of the many, where do we turn when we are feeling unheard? Who can hear our voice so we feel understood if feeling misunderstood? Whatever the “issue or issues” are, as therapists we are particularly skilled at pushing aside our own pain and our own suffering in our focus to help heal others. What happens when the healer needs healing? What happens when the very problems or challenges that the therapist is skilled at helping their clientele to navigate, when the therapist experiences their own challenges? Where to turn? Who to turn to? THIS is where I come in.

As a clinically trained and practicing psychotherapist, licensed marriage and family therapist, providing counseling for 25+ years, I work with my therapist clientele within my own unique educational and solution focused coaching modality. Educating my therapist clientele with additional knowledge to increase their base to help them to help themselves get to a better place, understanding the depth of their thoughts in terms of that in which they say and do not say in my direct coaching style allows me to best serve and assist my therapist clients in a forward thinking way. I integrate my counseling training, my educational knowledge, with concrete coaching strategies. Ultimately, my sessions are action oriented. I am engaged fully and completely with my clientele in each and every appointment bringing my best, as the therapist client deserves the best just as we give our best to our clientele. Results in each appointment are experienced, as reported by my therapist clientele. Tasks/assignments in between appointments are given if desired, to help movement and empowerment. My therapist clientele report a greater sense of insight, awareness, living intentionally as well as passionately and purposefully. My ability to immediately jump into what their needs are in the very first appointment and each appointment thereafter, and follow the depth of the therapist’s mind, helping them to understand themselves in a deeper way allows my therapist clientele to feel validated, heard, and understood in a profound way. This higher level of awareness along with personal and relational growth and helping them to get unstuck is what I offer to therapists.

Ultimately providing therapy for therapists not only allows the therapist to be in a healthier place as an individual mentally, emotionally and physically, it translates into their personal relationships and their professional life as a therapist as well. For a healthy therapist is a healthy therapist. There is no shame in a therapist needing therapy, no matter how experienced the therapist! I have found that my coaching style with my clinical training background along with my direct engaged approach, and genuine compassion and passion, offers my clients rather than feeling like a patient, they feel like they are receiving a crash course of education tailor-made just for them. Indeed, my work with my therapist clientele is indeed tailor-made just for them as this is certainly not a cookie cutter approach. Additionally, my therapist clientele report feeling cared about the way in which they deserve to. I genuinely care about my clientele, truly. Although therapists are not my only coaching clientele, as I help couples and individuals of all ages, providing help for my therapist clientele is one of my specialties and a passion of mine. I see a need, and it is important to me to share this information so that no therapist is without, if they desire a special person in their life, as they are to so many. Please know, if you are a therapist, you are not alone. I am here for you on your journey. I truly understand the importance of this and you deserve to receive this gift for yourself, that you give to others.

If you are a therapist in need of therapy, and you are struggling to find the “right therapist”, or are working with someone and getting nowhere, or have never reached out for help and desire to have your own helping agent of change, please know I am here for you. Therapists deserve to have a confidant, educator and coach, that is there for them and their family, on an as needed basis who can be flexible with their schedule and whatever their financial needs are. You deserve to receive the care you give to others. I am based in Arizona for in person appointments or, via telehealth for my clientele throughout the United States of America. Please don’t hesitate to call me directly if you wish to schedule a coaching appointment. You deserve it!

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