Amy Winehouse Dead: 96.9 Boston Talks The Doug Meehan Show Interviews Dr. Karen Ruskin

The death of Amy Winehouse at age 27 has led many to discuss the topic of drugs and alcohol. Dr. Karen Ruskin shared her insights during an interview today on 96.9 Boston Talks The Doug Meehan Show. When asked during this interview why some people do not resolve their problem with help, I explained live on air that the human mind gets caught up in one’s destructive pattern.

The persistant desire to escape from feelings that are intolerable with drugs and/or alcohol is more powerful for some then living a sober life. For the addict it is the effects of the chemical substance that allows a person to feel like they are escaping from self confronting who they are, how they feel they are supposed to be and who they are failing to be.  As humans we are born with a predisposition towards something, whether it is addiction, depression, anxiety, etc. We are also impacted by our life experiences. Therefore, we are made up of our biology as well as our life experiences. Thus, who we are is not a nature versus nurture debate, rather it is nature and nurture that makes up who we are. Our coping style does indeed play a significant role in the life choices that we make.

Although the toxicology reports as of today’s interview are inconclusive, whatever the outcome may be, know this: it is extremely difficult to overcome addiction. If you missed this informative interview, air date: July 25th 2011, you may listen on demand. You are welcome to comment on this blog if you wish to share your own success story, or struggle, or just simply have something of insight to say.

Tip: Use this story in the news as a window of opportunity to open up a  dialogue with your children.

The Doug Meehan Show airs Monday through Friday on 96.9 Boston Talks from 2-6PM.

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