Accomplishing Your Goals – The Dream Achiever

Is it truly possible to accomplish your goals? Can you shift from dreamer to dream achiever? As a psychotherapist, professionally and personally I will state with conviction the answer is yes, and I will share with you my story below. Provided below are key talking points and tips from this mental health and wellness expert to you, so you too can begin your journey of accomplishing your goals and making your dreams become a reality.  

What is the key difference between the dream achiever vs. the dreamer?

Belief and Action: The belief that you have within you the ability to make your dream happen is the first step and thus a key component! Then, taking action often and with consistency on that belief is the second step. And finally, never giving up on your belief nor your action oriented approach possessing the same confident belief, passion, and energy you have always had while continuing to take action.

What are the 3 must do parenting tips if you want to help your child to be a dream achiever vs. just a dreamer?

  1. Believe in your child as a person- who he is, not just in a specific idea your child has per-say.
  2. Displaying through your words, tone, emotional response, and physical body language that you are interested in who they are, their dreams, their interests, their opinions, and their ideas- with consistency. Positive feedback, positive reinforcement, words and actions of love, respect, encouragement, support, and belief in them goes a long way for your child’s current and future accomplishment of goals.
  3. Hear your child’s voice. This means to be respectful of their thoughts, feelings, and opinions, of their reality- even when at times you may disagree. Disagreeing with an opinion your child has does not mean you have to display disinterest nor a lack of support of their opinion and the direction they wish to go in. You must remain interested and supportive of their voice so they know you believe in them. A child who feels his voice is heard is a child who feels respected, valued, and special. It is that child who will then possess the confidence in their life journey to believe in and take action on their beliefs. As explained in my guide book for parents of this generation, treat your children as equally valued members within the family unit, shown by their voice being of significance and of value. This book is entitled: 9 Key Techniques For Raising Respectful Children Who Make Responsible Choices. Available now.

What are the 6 must do adult tips if you have not achieved your dream and still want to? AKA: 6 steps to change the course of your life right now.

  1. Determine what your dream is. Specifically, what is the goal you wish to accomplish you must identify.
  2. Believe that not only is your dream possible, believe that it is you who are capable of achieving your dream. Believe that with your passion, your vision, your desire, your strength, your courage, your determination, your creativity, and your stick-to-it philosophy you can and will accomplish your dream. When another does not believe your dream is possible, you remain confident and continue to take action. When another does not believe that you are capable of accomplishing the goal you have in mind, you remain confident and continue to take action.
  3. Make lists as needed, for what actions you need to take each day towards your goal. Each action that is accomplished- check it off of the list. Take action steps each day toward goal accomplishments.
  4. Give yourself positive feedback for the actions you are taking on your life journey.
  5. Be patient with your journey, and enjoy the journey. For the goal accomplished is not the only greatness, it is the journey and experiences you have during your journey that is a part of who you are and can be of greatness, when viewed from that lens.
  6. Check in with yourself about what actions you have taken, what you learned from each action, evaluate if anything you are doing needs to be tweaked. Determine what actions you will continue to take.

What are the qualities a person has who is a goal achiever?

  • Dream
  • Passion
  • Vision
  • Desire
  • Drive
  • Determination
  • Motivation
  • Hard work with consistency
  • Courage
  • Creativity
  • Stick-to-it philosophy and approach

Personal Story Of Dream/Goal Achievement:

My childhood dream was to help people with their relationship problems. I can remember this as if it were yesterday. I would verbalize to my parents that I wanted to be “like a” – “Dear Abby” but in person, in essence in LIVE time.  As an adult ultimately that is indeed what happened. I became a therapist where I provide counseling in an office.  If that’s not in person, what is? And, I am FOX News Boston’s regular mental health guest expert sharing insight in reaction to a wide range of timely topics in the news. That is indeed speaking to people, the masses indeed. In addition, I have a regular segment on FOX 25 News Boston called: Ask Dr. Karen. And there it is . . . that is truly my “Dear Dr. Karen” on TV! My childhood dream came true. I answer peoples’ relationship questions LIVE on air- marriage, parenting, . . . anything goes. I share insight with the masses on a wide range of topics on air. My passion, my dream did indeed become a reality.

If you have a relationship question, you are invited to submit it on my Ask Dr. Karen page. Each month questions are reviewed and 3-4 questions are chosen to answer on Ask Dr. Karen for that month’s segment.

Background Story Expanding From Local News Guest Expert To National:

Dr Karen on O'reilly Factor discussing Charlie SheenAs an adult watching the national news, I would see therapists and other professionals as guest experts providing commentary on timely topics in the news. There were many a time I found myself with an opposing view of which I wished I could share on air. It was often I would speak out loud to the television what my opinion was, in direct contradiction to the person who had the floor. It was as though the TV could hear me. Alas, the TV could not. LOL. After enough time passed with this being a consistent theme, I determined that I had a desire that was truly a dream, a want, a longing, and that was to be a Psychotherapist guest expert on the national news in additional to the local, in an effort to share my unique insights and perspectives. The more lives I could touch, the better.

dr-karen-on-your-world-with-neil-cavutoSo, I worked hard with consistency and diligence over an extended period of time to try to make my dream, my desire, to become a reality. It was my dream, belief in myself and my desire, passion, drive, determination . . . it was all of these things that got me to achieve my goal. I am a Psychotherapist/Marriage & Family Therapist Guest Expert on the local and national news. Of course I don’t provide on air therapy. Counseling is reserved for my in office work. On air I have the opportunity to provide insight and tips. Which I sincerely adore, so now when I have a perspective that I feel would be of value to the many, often I have the opportunity to share it.

If you wish to check out some of my interviews on FOX News Channel’s shows including: Cavuto, Hannity, O’Reilly, and more  . . . As well as additional networks/shows, I invite you to click on the link: Dr. Karen Ruskin’s TV Interviews.

Keep On Dreaming, Working Hard, And Achieving:

Goal achievement does not just end when you achieve it one time. Goal achievement is an ongoing journey, vision + passion + hard work!

It remains my goal, my desire, my passion, to continue to be a Psychotherapist providing my knowledge/insights/tips in the office and on TV. My dream in childhood and in adulthood did not become a reality with the wave of a magic wand. Rather having a dream, passion, vision, desire, drive, determination, motivation, hard work with consistency, courage, creativity, and my stick-to-it never give up approach – each and all are what helped me to help myself get to where I am today. I am not just a believer in goal achievement due to my clinical experience of 20+ years helping people to help themselves get to a better place. I am not just a believer in dream accomplishment as a hypothesis of “it can happen”, rather I have experienced it and I have seen before me amazing growth through the years with the clients I have worked with in my office.

Note: this blog has been updated in 2014 with pictures.

I hope this blog article helps those who are yearning to accomplish a dream they have and reminds you that anything is possible, truly it is. Your comments are invited. If you have accomplished your goal, share your story.

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