America in Decline -Talking Points From Bill O’Reilly – Must See

Since my guest appearance on The O’Reilly Factor last week: Psychotherapist Analyzes Wall Street Protest October 18, 2011 I have received emails in abundance in response to and in favor and agreement of my clinical concern and belief in the importance of a self-reliance philosophy for mental health and well being. There were also many who were upset and angry with the idea that a psychotherapist would suggest that the philosophical belief of entitlement and demanding a “live-able wage whether I work or not” is not as healthy for one’s self worth and leads a person not to feel in control of their own life. The notion that a mental health professional would be interested in educating the public that one of the top triggers that leads to symptoms of depression is feeling out of control of one’s life, fired up some and was informative, helpful, and validated others.

The difference between 2 people facing the same life challenge is not the life challenge itself, it is how they cope with the life challenge. How we cope is all based on our philosophy. My goal/intent is not to offend others, rather my goal/intent is to share my insights on how to achieve mental health and wellness based on 18 years of observation of working with individuals, couples, and families.

If you are interested in a concise, informative, and clear articulation that insight-fully validates my point, watch the Talking Points segment on The O’Reilly Factor entitled ‘America in Decline’. This is a true must see that aired last night, October 25, 2011. Bill explains that “America was founded on the independent principles of honor and hard work…” In addition, Bill posted these talking points in his column on October 27, 2011 if you would prefer the written form of his words.

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