APPS That Help Couples, Relationships, And Marriages

Women’s Health Magazine asked for my perspective as a marriage therapist and relationship expert if there are APPS that can truly help couples, relationships, and marriages. In my opinion, there are APPS that can be used in adjunct to your regular every day face to face interaction with your mate to let him/her know they are on your mind and are special. APPS are not a substitute for in person dialogue, nor are APPS a substitute for emotional, physical and sexual intimacy. Rather APPS are something fun that can be used in addition to all that you do in a given day to water the plant of marriage.

Check out my interview in Women’s Health Magazine written by Kenneth Thapoung entitled: 5 APPS That Make Your Relationship Stronger

If you want do-able tips and concrete insight to enhance your relationship, take a sneak peak into Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual for a healthy happy long term relationship.

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