Ask Dr. Karen – Autism, Parenting, Dating, Divorce

Thanks to the producers of the FOX 25 News Boston morning team for their approval of a new segment: Ask Dr. Karen. Thanks to the viewers for their positive feedback of the soft launch which has made Ask Dr. Karen a big hit! Check out segment #2: autism, teen dating drama, and post divorce dating. Don't miss the cool graphics created for this new segment. Relationship expert Dr. Karen Ruskin answers viewers relationship questions live.

Ask Dr. Karen – a big hit! This segment on FOX 25 News Boston has been officially approved to air monthly offering viewers the opportunity to submit their relationship questions via Facebook, Twitter: @DrKarenRuskin, or you are welcome to tweet FOX 25 Anchor Sorboni @Sorbonified – be sure to include the words: ‘Ask Dr Karen’ as she receives many tweets per day and you certainly would want her to know why you are asking her a question, or email me directly: [email protected] Subject Line: Ask Dr. Karen.

Submit Your Question For Ask Dr. Karen:

Perhaps the easiest way to submit your question is directly on the newly created Ask Dr. Karen question submission page.

Parenting, Dating, Divorce, Marriage, Intimacy- anything goes! This Relationship and Parenting Expert answers questions chosen by the FOX 25 Team – LIVE.

This morning’s segment #2 of Ask Dr. Karen may be viewed on demand: Ask Dr. Karen – Autism, Parenting, Dating, Divorce.  

Check out the newly created graphics for ‘Ask Dr. Karen’– thanks to the FOX 25 Boston creative graphics team.

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