Ask Dr Karen – Teen Rumors, Mother-In-Law Stress, Workaholic

Teen rumors, mother-in-law stress during the holidays, and when your spouse is a workaholic what to do- were today’s topics on Ask Dr. Karen. FOX Morning News Boston’ regular segment where viewers ask their relationship questions (marriage, dating, parenting, . . . ), and I answer them LIVE on air.

Topics – Further Detail and Segment Available On Demand:

  • Teen Rumors

If you are a parent as I am, then you can relate to the anguish the mother who asked what she should do about the fact that in school a child is spreading rumors about her daughter. Not only do I hear this challenge as a family therapist and psychotherapist, where parents share their pain regarding their child’s pain. As a mother, I understand this challenge as well. No parent goes through adulthood without their child either; a) bullied (spreading rumors is a form of social isolation which is bullying), b) is a bully, or c) is a bystander (which painfully too often can become a bully bunch, where children form a group and socially isolate a particular child). A significant problem is far too often the parent of the rumor spreader too shares those same attributes of speaking negatively about the other parent.

  • Mother In Law Stress

Many adults report the challenge of “the mother in law”. This viewer’s question asked for coping tips when philosophical belief systems are so different. Specifically, in this case the mother in law believes in God whereas the daughter in law does not.

  • Workaholic

The husband who asks if he is right or his wife is, when she calls him a workaholic, I provided both parties a strategy to help them each take ownership in the relationship.

If you would like to view this segment of Ask Dr. Karen on demand, I invite you to click on the play button below.
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