Batman Vs Superman – 7 Reasons Why It Rocked

by Dr. Karen Ruskin on March 27, 2016

Batman vs Superman The Movie – 7 Reasons Why It Rocked – Through the lens of a 45 year old female who has been a fan of the Superhero genre since a young child growing up watching Superhero movies with her father. Additionally the lens of this blog is coming from a woman who has a teenage son, and is a Psychotherapist. Though know this, although these are parts of who I am, when it comes down to it, my commentary below is simply from a fan of Superhero movies. Though, can one really separate who one is from one’s commentary?

As a fan of the Superhero, action flick, and crime fiction genre since a young child, I thought I’d take a moment to break off from my usual serious writing as a Psychotherapist and share my response simply as a fan. Here it is: I enjoyed Batman vs Superman. Why? Here’s but a few bullet points, brief and to the point, 7 reasons in particular as to why I liked this movie. 

Action with attractive in shape people

Looking for an action packed movie? There was lots of action. For the fan who enjoys an action movie, thereby escaping from reality for a little while? This feeds that hunger. And to boot, the actors who played Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) are very much in shape physically, that’s always pleasant to watch. Throw in Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), and this is an action movie that has fun written all over it. Lois Lane (Amy Adams), although not a Superhero thus not the perceived action in the action scenes, she was indeed a part of the action scenes.

Visually attractive in shape people each portraying characters with hearts of passion, each on a mission that is action packed- ah, that’s enjoyable to watch.


Love of man and woman (Superman and Lois Lane). Their love was real and you as the viewer knew it, no need to play out love making scenes in this movie, and they didn’t. Rather the viewer sees the real love between them based upon their interactions. Their love is one of depth. They know who each other is and love one another for it, this point alone is of great significance. For many men and women do not feel their mate really knows who they are, the depth of who they are, all sides of self. Or, if one feels their mate knows who they are, they don’t feel fully embraced for all parts of self. This is a couple who are there for one other, yearning to save the other emotionally and physically.

Love of son to mother and son to father is felt in this movie. Both Batman and Superman depict what many experience; loss, grief, and love for one’s parent/parents. Many thus identify with the parent-child relationship of loss, for neither Batman nor Superman are the first nor the last to experience loss or threatened loss of parent.

Who we are within vs who we present to others

Batman’s; Bruce Wayne, Superman’s; Clark Kent – many of us have sides of ourselves that we present to others and then also have another side. This concept is therefore identifiable to some viewers in their own lives, as humans navigate the journey of self-identity, self-discovery and living one’s life authentically to self and to those close to us. How many of us really know our selves? How many of us have discovered the sides of self and live the existence of what is within ourselves in our day to day lives? How many of us have someone in our life who knows the reality of who we are and we experience their love for us? Batman has Alfred. Superman has Lois, he has his mother, and the memory of his father.


Lex Luthor, certainly not the way in which Lex has been depicted in the past. Thus if we are making comparison, that’s comparing apples to oranges, as the saying goes. Therefore, if you can get past it’s not an imitation of the old Lex, and have an open mind to a different version of Lex, a more nowadays version of evil, then this is but another reason for a ‘yes’ reaction to this movie. With that said, there’s a villain in this movie, Lex, and he was displayed as: off balance. I see this very notion as working for the viewer. It is my impression that in life, the villain, the bad guy, whom has it in for the good guy, often the good guy views the bad guy through the lens of: off kilter, as “crazy” in the most general sense of the word. And, that is what this villain presented. He presents as a villain who wants to hurt, not just hurt the person, but hurt the depth of that person’s soul and the many.

Different life experiences with similar life choices

Batman and Superman certainly had different life experiences, as was pointed out in the movie. And as anyone who knows the background of these characters understands. With that said, they each ended up in a similar place – the place where they are attempting in their own way to help the world. An emotional passion and need, a driving energy and force to take action, based upon their belief system. The desire to take action and then going the next step and taking action is a trait that some people have, and therefore identify with these two characters in their own way. The desire to take action yet find one’s self not taking action, is indeed the reality for others. And thus seeing these characters on film can be exciting and perhaps infectious.

There are other Superheroes out there

Just like any good comic book, the story being read opens the opportunity and taste that there’s another story to come. Something to look forward to that there’s never an end. This movie provided as such.

Additionally, the idea that lone individuals of whom exist with special gifts and do not always display them was pointed out (Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aqua Man). Though ultimately Wonder Woman did bring her skills to help out. There are reasons why people with certain skills do not always show others what they have and therefore do not live up to their fullest potential. In life this is very much the reality for some. Sometimes it has to do with their concern about how they will be treated and perceived, or past experiences in that regard. Other times being who they fully are comes with emotional heartache. This is a human challenge that some viewers identify with.

Our experiences shape us. Do we all become evil?

The notion that through our negative experiences in life we may all become jaded and ultimately hurt, and thus in turn hurt others thereby becoming what one may state as: evil, was a point addressed in the movie. Is it possible that even those of us who started out good become evil from our experiences, is an interesting concept to analyze. Just as this question was posed in the movie, humans wonder about this. What makes us who we are? Nature vs. nurture, the age old debate.

Additionally the notion that a person who has incredible abilities and power will only use it for good and not bad, to believe that exists and is true, is hard for so many to believe. It is my observation of people, the reason why it is hard for so many to believe this is that people tend to believe and see in others what they have in their own heart. Therefore, if one has hate in their heart they believe others hate. If one is genuine in their desire to do good then one believes others are good (e.g., Superman’s human father in his view of people). It is not uncommon for humans within our own selves to struggle throughout our lives between making life choices based upon our own good side of self vs our evil side. Part of the human condition is also that we struggle with the behavior of others in how they treat us and how they treat those we love and others around us.

Bottom line

In conclusion, I enjoyed the movie, bottom line. I look forward to the next Superhero movie, and the next one, and the next one after that. It’s fantasy land with messages if your eyes and ears are open to them. Though one need not consider any messages and simply enjoy a good ol’ action packed Superhero movie.

Hope you enjoyed this fun blog. Take a moment out of your everyday life and enjoy the time to just breathe in the fun of the everyday. Whether it’s to enjoy a movie, write about a movie, go for a walk, listen to music, or read a book. etc. We are all so busy busy with our lives, and the business continues in the best of times and in the worst of times. Taking a moment to enjoy, and smell the roses, so to speak, is important for one’s mental health and wellness.

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