Bratty, Spoiled Kid Vs Respectful – TV Opportunity

Are you a parent struggling with your child’s rude and/or bratty behavior? Do you feel like he/she acts “in charge”, “runs the house”, feels “entitled”, at times is disrespectful and some may refer to him/her as “spoiled”? If any of this sounds like your situation – I invite you to contact me directly ASAP this Month (February) or March (at the latest), of 2014. In response to my contribution in Parent’s Magazine where I was interviewed and quoted in the February issue entitled: ‘Un-Spoil Your Kid’, a national TV news network asked if I’d be interested in providing a special educational segment, along with a family struggling with this who is interested in sharing their story. Indeed I am interested, as there are so many parents struggling with this topic! I would be happy to help the many with my parenting philosophy along with 4 key parenting tips.

Raising children with high self esteem and confidence AND are considerate of the thoughts and feelings of those around them, including their siblings and parents – is indeed possible, with the right parenting tools. Bratty no more, rather respectful behavior!

If you are interested in sharing YOUR story on air, and currently reside in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York (close proximity surrounding areas will also be considered), I invite you to contact me directly ASAP. As this segment is on the docket to air within the next few weeks.

Email: [email protected]  *  Subject Header: Spoiled Kid

I look forward to hearing from you if this query fits your struggle and you and your family are interested in sharing your story on air. Are you interested in teaming up to provide the many parents with the help they need?


Dr. Karen Ruskin  – ‘Marriage & Family Therapist/Parenting Expert’

Author of: 9 Key Techniques For Raising Respectful Children and Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual

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