Bullying – Steve Harvey Show With Parenting Expert Dr. Karen Ruskin

The Steve Harvey Show offered viewers information and education on bullying. Air date: November 28, 2012.  On air this parenting expert had the opportunity to share my practical tips and insights providing parents and children with concrete information about the new breed of bullies (i.e., The Social Bully and The Confident Entitled Bully) and concrete strategies for what to do if you or someone you know is being bullied. I provided 4 key tips (C.H.A.T.) that kids can use right now if they are being bullied. In addition, I shared what parents should not do/the biggest mistake parents make. The audience consisted of middle school students and parents alike. It was a true honor to answer the questions asked by tweens and teens to help them navigate this challenging topic. One girl explained that her friend turned on her and became a bully, but now wants to be friends again, she is not sure if she should be friends with her again and chance being hurt. Another student shared that someone she knows is being cyber bullied and she wanted to know how to handle this. It is these student’s questions and more that I addressed in my usual direct, passionate and compassionate style.

Check back – this informative video to view on demand is coming soon.

I invite you to check out my blog article to learn the answers to the top bullying questions:

  • How to stop your child from becoming a bully
  • Old school bullying vs. the new breed of bullying: the difference between the ‘vindictive bully’, the ‘bullied bully’, the ‘bully team’, the ‘social bully’, and the ‘confident entitled bully’
  • Resources for parents to go to
  • 4 Tips for the child who is being bullied
  • Warning signs
  • 4 Tips for the parents of the bullied child


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