Child Bullied To Death – Tips For Parents How To Stop Bullying And Help The Bullied

Child bullied to death! Enough is enough. The end to bullying all comes down to parenting! School programs are not enough! I have spoken on FOX News Channel, talk shows (e.g., The Steve Harvey Show), and blogged about bullying – each time another child is victimized! Parents- enough is enough – we must  STOP THE MADNESS. In today’s blog I am responding to bullying with 4 basic talking points included below. In addition, included below are links to 2 articles I have written which address the 5 types of bullying, and provides tips for parents and kids.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist with a practice based in Massachusetts, of the varied topics addressed in counseling, bullying is included. Children are not alone, adults are bullied and bullies too. This is a serious topic that affects the lives of so many. To read about the latest painful account of bullying, check out FOX News report child bullied to death.

Talking Points:
  1. Parents- Wake up- read your kids social media and texting conversations– yes read it! If you see your child is being bullied or your child is bullying, take action now! Tip: Tell your child who is bullying it is unacceptable and have them go with you to the home of the bullied child and apologize to the child and to the parents. If your child is being bullied discuss with him/her this problem will not last forever. Address with them the bully is in the wrong and the action of the bully/bullies in no way represents who you are. Also, talk to the school about what is going on.
  2. Parents- If someone reports your kid is a bully take it seriously. Enough with the “not my kid” attitude. I had a mom say to me that she has to “protect her cub bear” who was the bully. Are you kidding me? Your cub has just emotionally mangled someone else’s cub. And therein is the problem. Kids who bully have parents who do not educate about the unacceptability of it. They are just glad it is not their kid.
  3. Parents- Raise your children not to be a bully. Raise your children to know that if they are bullied that they will get through this, that you love them and that you are here for themTip: Teach empathy, role model empathy, be respectful of your child, and have a no bully rule in your home. Teach self advocacy, be proud of your children, be loving and supportive, talk with them not at them.
  4. Parents are afraid if they speak up they will be ostracized. The fear of social ostracism is real, both for kids and parents. Adults, if you don’t speak up how can you expect your kids to?
You are invited to read 2 additional blogs I wrote, which dives further into the topic of bullying:
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